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Offshore drilling. The equivalent of of a drug addict trying to figure out a new way to cook crack. It’s not where our focus should be and hasn’t been really for over 30 years now. Carter was right. The solution is not to find more of the stuff that we are addicted to (see latest GWB State of the Union address), but to kick the habit and find a better way.

These are probably the reason that John McCain once scolded the “special interests” that wanted offshore drilling leases and he supported a moratorium. Now McCain wants to […]

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John wanted to do a big photo op on an oil rig in the gulf. He had devised a narrative and he wanted a big media event to go along with it. The GOP has for weeks been saying drilling was the answer to our oil addiction, which is akin to saying growing more tobacco is the cure for your lung cancer. They’ve also been pushing a talking point myth that Hurricane Katrina caused no major oil spills or damage to offshore rigs.

First a quick McCain flip flop which will set the stage quite well:

During his […]

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