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Like fine wine, Lee Fisher’s inherent qualities only get better with age.? They distill down to a perfection.? With Lee’s demand for an ODP endorsement last week, and his arrogant climb down today, Lee’s true colors shine through, in particular, how and why he always loses.

Lee Fisher assumes he’s won before he’s actually won, every single time.? This assumption governs everything in any campaign Lee is conducting, right up until reality smacks Lee in the face.? At which point, Lee then goes to desperation tactics, which themselves backfire, but more importantly, reveal Lee’s inner […]

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This is just sublime.? Bill Demora, who is the only person on earth who could stomach driving Lee Fisher around for more than 45 seconds, which he did for years, is outed as the guy who is now so enraged by the hundreds of emails from Brunner supporters, he’s getting pissy.

Can anyone imagine this much email going out for Lee Fisher, ever, for any reason?? We’re down to Bill Demoura getting Lee’s back, and according to Potts, whiny ODP Exec Comm voter Amy Groya, who is on Lee’s campaign staff [UPDATE: Groya is now claiming […]

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Only at ODB.? Greatness.

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This is unprecedented.

If today was like this, Monday should be a peach.

I wonder how many ODP executive committee members will show up at work on Monday to find their email shut down?

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Multiple reports of ODP excutive committee email accounts being shut down by the volume of emails from Jennifer Brunner supporters demanding no endorsement in the Senate primary.? Perhaps ODP Executive Committee member Amy Groya’s email account is one of them.

Probably wanna redirect that anger, Amy.

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Multiple sources are confirming that within the first hour of Brunner’s email to her supporters, ODP Executive Committee members’ email inboxes are being hammered with not dozens, but hundreds of emails asking them to stay out of the US Senate primary in Ohio.? By the time this thing finishes rolling out, I would not be surprised if some email accounts literally get shut down.

Ted Strickland needs to step in right now and bring this endorsement process to a halt.

Ted’s about to lose half of his political party right before a tough re-election battle.? That’s the short term.? Medium […]

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Go to, sign the petition, and click “next”.? You will then be able to email a letter to every single member of the ODP executive committee for whom the Brunner campaign has an email address.? Browse the list – you can even decide who you want to get your email, and who you don’t want to get your email.? I, of course, emailed all of them.? So should you – tell them in no uncertain terms, an ODP endorsement in the US Senate primary, this late in the game, is a very bad idea.

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