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So the biggest complaint from the right about Team Strickland’s first ad was that it recycled content from a previous ad.

At least the company that produced the ad owned the content that was recycled. The NRSC, however. Well…not so much. They hit Fisher with a web ad that borrowed content they didn’t own. They ripped it off from popular Ohio poliblog BSB. David Potts at BSB posted on the content lifting without attribution yesterday and followed up with a press release today with news they have asked YouTube to pull the ad down.

As […]

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Lee Fisher really has simply become a Republican.? He’s parroting Republican lines, using Republican tactics, getting Republican Pavlovian dogs in the MSM to parrot them, and doing it so successfully, he’s got Republicans themselves repeating them….repeatedly.

You know what, Lee?? You’re gonna lose this primary by a lot more than I thought.? People have been asking me lately, Tim, what are you gonna do if Lee Fisher wins?? My honest answer is that I won’t have that problem.

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