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Tinfoil hats. Conspiracy theorists. That’s what people who argued this war was for oil were called. Um:

Influential former Pentagon official Richard Perle has been exploring going into the oil business in Iraq and Kazakhstan, according to people with knowledge of the matter and documents outlining possible deals.

Mr. Perle, one of a group of security experts who began pushing the case for toppling Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein about a decade ago, has been discussing a possible deal with officials of northern Iraq’s Kurdistan regional government, including its Washington envoy, according to these people and the documents.

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The evidence is everywhere. Less people call themselves Republicans now that the NeoCons have dirtied the word up so. The GOP is in full on collapse. Less money coming in. Trouble finding qualified candidates to mount challenges in key races -cough- Ohio Attorney General – cough- . Issues polling has them tanking. View of the party favorable to unfavorable ratio is coming in at -14 while Dems see a +20. Hell, some are even so averse to being “Republican” that they tout instead their ties to the Democratic nominee Barack Obama in their campaign ads:

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