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Tactical Voting Guide

On October 17, 2012 By

One thing I heard in the Plunderbund debate chat last night were a few people who have already voted for (or decided to vote for) Jill Stein instead of Barack Obama. This is a terrible decision. Allow me to explain why.

First, I should preface my comments by saying that I’m sympathetic to people who prefer Stein to Obama. In fact, when I go to and take the quiz, the most recent time I have done so it suggested my preferred positions were more in line with Jill Stein’s positions. I still strongly aligned with Barack Obama, but Stein […]

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Today, the Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security released a report titled “Deepening Democracy: A Strategy for Improving the Integrity of Elections Worldwide”. The report is not particularly glowing with regards to the status of American democracy, specifically pointing out recent efforts to suppress African American voting (page 30) and problems with political finance (page 34) – two of the five stated challenges to the integrity of elections.

You can read the report here.

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Why are governments paralyzed?

On August 15, 2012 By

Saw this interesting article this morning on Project Syndicate.

Others argue that Western democracies have the opposite problem: a surfeit of narrow, politically assertive interests leads to underinvestment and poor tradeoffs between present and future opportunities and performance.

This brings us to a crucial obstacle: Government, business, financial, and academic elites are not trusted. Lack of trust in elites is probably healthy at some level, but numerous polls indicate that it is in rapid decline, which surely increases citizens’ reluctance to delegate authority to navigate an uncertain global economic environment.

The conclusions of this article seem fairly obvious to […]

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This has to be one of the more brazen displays of lunacy yet from Josh Mandel’s non-campaign for senate. In a letter of endorsement from fellow wacko Sen. Jim DeMint, Mandel went on the record supporting the move to not raise the nation’s debt limit. This is from the letter of endorsement from the Senate Conservative Fund, a PAC run my Senator DeMint to help raise money for people who are clearly too out-of-touch to find a job elsewhere.

Brown SUPPORTS raising the debt limit. Mandel opposes it.

On issue after issue, the choice is clear. Josh Mandel fights for […]

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The Columbus Dispatch has reported on the new television ad being run by the “American Action Network” praising Pat Tiberi for loving puppies or something.  I dunno because the ad makes a series of claims without citing a single source or roll call vote.

It praises Tiberi, a guy who voted for the bailouts, for being against wasteful spending.  Seriously.

Of course, the Dispatch fails to note that the “American Action Network” is the brainchild of former Senator Norm Coleman (who lost to Al Franken… which I only mention because it pisses […]

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We’ll be live blogging the Democratic debate tonight in Philadelphia. Feel free to join along. The 90-minute debate from Philadelphia airs nationally on ABC beginning at 8:00 pm ET, and ABC’s Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos are the moderators.

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An interesting new Gallup Poll asked:

Who do you LEAST want to see elected president this year.

40% – John McCain
36% – Hillary Clinton
20% – Barack Obama

More good news for Obama!

A disturbing side note: 12% of the people who chose Obama did so because they believe (incorrectly) that he is a Muslim.

I’m pretty sure, however, that this won’t translate into any sort of disadvantage when it comes to votes because I’m confident that anyone who believes this nonsense could never actually figure out where their polling place is – or even how […]

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Tracy Morgan Endorses Obama

On March 16, 2008 By

I’m just watching last night’s SNL on the Tivo and it’s full of political stuff. But by far the best segment was this rant by Tracy Morgan about Barack Obama…

“Bitch may be the new Black, but Black is the new President, Bitch”

(huff post has links to some of the other video as well)

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NAFTAgate: never happened

On March 7, 2008 By

Check the video:

(Note the Clinton and McCain statements were virtually identical.) From HuffPo

But as the CBC report and others makes clear, the core of the story turned out to be false. The Canadian government contacted Goolsbee to clarify Obama’s position on trade, not the reverse. Although Goolsbee did meet with Canada’s Chicago consul general George Rioux (not, as was reported in the original leak, Ambassador Michael Wilson), there’s no evidence that he ever described Obama’s position as mere political posturing. Instead, Goolsbee responded to Canadian questions by clarifying that Obama wasn’t pushing to scrap the agreement […]

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Time to clear the air…

On March 6, 2008 By

I think there has been some misunderstanding over my posts yesterday morning and Tuesday evening about racist attacks on Obama apparently having a significant effect on the results of the Ohio primary.

People will have differences of opinion about candidates on valid policy issues. Poor, rural voters feel that Clinton is stronger on NAFTA/trade – I get that. I think they are wrong in their judgment, but I won’t vilify someone for disagreeing with me on an issue of policy judgment. That is, after all, what elections are supposed to be about. So, if someone picks Clinton because they feel […]

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Was racism a factor?

On March 5, 2008 By

Honestly, I expected a narrow Clinton win here in Ohio (after all, if there is one thing we’re good at, it’s fucking things up for the rest of the country), but I was a little surprised by the margin. As I pointed out last night, exit polling wasn’t exactly flattering to Clinton voters, as it implies that they are voting based on the gender and race of the candidates, and not on the merits. (To be fair, black voters went overwhelmingly for Obama, and I certainly suspect that a good portion of that is race politics – but […]

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