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Signed.? Sealed.? Delivered.

…and yes.? It IS a big fucking deal.

More than a year’s worth of intense political haggling, legislative maneuvering and emotional debate reached its stirring conclusion Tuesday morning as President Barack Obama officially signed health care reform legislation into law…

…For many in Obama’s inner circle, health care reform began to eerily resemble a legislative version of the Democratic primary, with emotional ebbs and flows, dramatic breakthroughs, vitriolic rhetoric, crushing defeats and, ultimately, historic conclusions. (HuffPo)

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Pelosi and friends nix the gas tax holiday. It will be DOA in the House. Why? Because it’s a stupid political stunt that will have no lasting affect on those who need REAL economic relief.

The gas tax holiday backed by Hillary Clinton and John McCain will be DOA in the House, lawmakers have warned, reports the Hill. The measure has been left off House energy proposals that could be tacked onto the Iraq spending bill because “there‚Äôs no reason to believe that any moratorium on the gas tax would be passed on to the consumer,” said House […]

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