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I don’t think it can be said much better than this:

You know where I’m going, for you know where she went. Hillary Clinton complained again this week that sexism has been a major dynamic in her unsuccessful bid for political dominance. She is quoted by the Washington Post’s Lois Romano decrying the “sexist” treatment she received during the campaign, and the “incredible vitriol that has been engendered” by those who are “nothing but misogynists.” The New York Times reported she told sympathetic bloggers in a conference call that she is saddened by the “mean-spiritedness and terrible insults” that […]

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Misogyny Alert!

On April 25, 2008 By

Is the above image featured in this post by Renee an example of misogyny?

…or political discourse?

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Is this magazine cover misogynistic?

…of course not. I’m not sure how you can get “woman hating” out of something like this. Jill thinks it is.

There is a danger here. Much like the danger in every criticism of Obama being characterized as racist (some are, some aren’t). We risk diluting the term and numbing ourselves to real racism and misogyny. Hillary Clinton is a political figure. A polarizing one at that. Poking at her is fair game. All of the bubbles mention things that relate to her campaign:

“Caucuses are elitist!”

“You’ll take away this […]

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