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Outgoing Senator George Voinovich joined Republican Senators Brown (MA), Burr (NC), Collins (ME), Ensign (NV) Murkowski (AK), Kirk (IL) and Snowe (ME) in voting to repeal DADT in a stand-alone bill on Saturday.

How much do you bet that Governor-elect Kasich now doesn’t get the Cleveland Inner Belt named after George Voinovich now?

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When he was in Congress, Chairman Kasich was rated voting with the Vietnam Veterans of America only 33% of the time.  (Conversely, during that same period, Ted Strickland was scored as supporting the interest of the Vietnam Veterans of America, 67% percent of the time.  According to Project Vote Smart, Strickland was constantly rated as voting with the Disabled Veterans of America, 100% of the time, and the American Legion 80% of the time)

In 1994, John Kasich actually voted against the appropriation bill for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

You can read about […]

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I haven’t watched the video of this incident. I don’t really want to.? The descriptions of it are enough for me.

Our all volunteer army, as Jeff notes, is a very real problem, particularly when we do not have a draft during wartime.? No draft means that no one with the means or intention to avoid military service ever serves in the military. ? That means our volunteer army is made up of people who want to be in situations like the one which resulted in the death of innocent journalists, women, and children, or people who have […]

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There has been a great deal of what I’d deem as stunning TV lately.? Obama addressing House Republicans in Baltimore comes to mind.? More on that later.? Yesterday, Admiral Mike Mullen addressed the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on gays and lesbians serving in the military.? His testimony was stunning:

Rachel Maddow had a great segment exposing John McCain’s hypocrisy in saying that he’d change the policy if military leaders said we should.? Well, the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs just said it.? Now what, John?

The nation’s top two military officials just called for […]

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Live by the sword, you die by it I guess. The next time you hear a conservative blowhard talk about supporting the troops, remind them that at midnight last night the GOP delayed a vote on “funding the troops” in order to delay health care reform. Only 3 (count ’em 3) Republicans voted with Democrats to end debate and vote on the measure. 33 actually voted against the troops. You’ll note the silence on this among the wingnut blogosphere.

What was in it?

– More than $100 billion operations and maintenance, and military personnel requirements for ongoing military operations […]

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Jeff Hess has some choice words for Walmart:

As a former member of our military, this revelation concerning Walmart pisses me off. Remember that snow-in-Iraq TV ad Walmart ran recently? Well the real story is that Walmart is sticking it to service members and their families if a holiday gift is shipped to an Army Post Office address.

He links to a piece in Stars and Stripes that talks about retailers gouging customers by tacking on inflated shipping costs to ship to an APO (Army Post Office), or overseas military address. Curiously enough, Walmart was the most […]

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Add to the base pandering list one Jennifer Brunner. Jennifer decided to go the route of the panderers even before Obama’s speech, which she spent being featured at a women’s forum. We call that pot shots from the cheap seats. If you have a strong principled stand against the President’s plans in Afghanistan you might want to have a forum on that during an important speech.

Hell, if you had a principled stand against escalation in Afghanistan you might campaign against the candidate who said in the campaign that he’d do just that. Jennifer, if I remember correctly, didn’t do […]

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Embarrassed. That’s how you’d feel if you were a wingnut blogger and had any sense of self awareness whatsoever. Those who have written vile, racist tinged posts about President Obama’s Veteran’s Day activities and visit to Fort Hood have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Their hatred so blinds them that a clear sense of reality is simply out of reach.

They want to portray this President as uncaring, insensitive, and without compassion. No matter what the truth may be. It’s nice to get an unfettered view into the real President Obama to counter these sycophant […]

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Veterans Day Blogger Roundup

On November 11, 2009 By

Ohio Bloggers posting on Veteran’s Day

Plunderbund (Eric)
Plunderbund (Amber)
Buckey State Blog
De Magno Opere
Howard Empowered People
Man with the Muck Rake
ODP (which had to have taken forever)
Progress Ohio

If I left any out or any get added, let me know in comments.

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Veterans Day always sits heavy on me. Growing up a military brat, I’ve seen first hand the sacrifices that are made daily by those who serve. The big and the little sacrifices that provides for the common defense. I witnessed mostly the little things. I’ve only heard stories about the big ones. One of those stories is the experience of my wife’s grandpa.

Bob landed in Normandy 3 weeks after the invasion. One of the first things he witnessed was an American GI who had been run over by a tank and killed. A quick introduction to the atrocities of […]

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PFAW’s Right Wing Watch does just that, which is why they caught American Family Association’s latest descent into lunacy in response to the Fort Hood tragedy. Bryan Fischer, AFA Director of Issues Analysis, begins his screed:

It became evidently almost immediately that the mass murderer in yesterday’s killing spree at Fort Hood was a Muslim who was motivated by jihadist impulses.

It became evidently almost immediately? He’s obviously not the direct of communications or Engrish at the AFA. Sorry. Distracted by the ignorance that we all sort of knew was already there. Let’s continue:

It it is time, I […]

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