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via Politico:

Sen. McCain is down in the polls right now, but he can win if the following events are to occur between now and Election Day:

* McCain rides a wave of positive media coverage after his announcement that Joe the Plumber will be his treasury secretary and that Larry the Cable Guy will be U.S. attorney general.

* Gov. Palin wows critics by filling in on the season premiere of “30 Rock” with a dead-on impression of Tina Fey, who’s busy doing “Saturday Night Live.”

* The U.S. Supreme Court rules that electoral votes in California, Connecticut […]

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In case you haven’t heard, Columbus-based Skybus Airlines shut down yesterday.

Almost immediately Matt over at Naug Blog jumped at the chance to rip on Mike Coleman and Columbus’s Democrats for helping bring the airline to town.

We shouldn’t mourn for the loss of a crappy airline service that had sloppy business model. But we should pity those abused taxpayers who will continue to be forced to hand over money to politically-connected private businesses.

The problem with his argument, and that of the Buckeye Institute as well, is that little if any tax money went to SkyBus directly. […]

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Honesty In Campaign Ads

On October 14, 2007 By

The Dispatch has a good piece today that picks apart the crime figures used in the campaign ads of the Columbus Mayoral candidates.

And, of course, Bill Todd’s ad takes the stats out of context:

Todd’s most recent radio ad cites a 2006 murder rate in Columbus that was higher than those in New York and Los Angeles. What he doesn’t mention: The September FBI report he uses shows Columbus’ rate was lower than Cincinnati’s, Cleveland’s and 23 other cities’ with populations of more than 250,000.

And so, I am reminded, of one of the most honest campaign ads […]

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