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Mitt Romney will be in Ohio tomorrow for his first visit to The Buckeye State for the 2012 Presidential Cycle.  He’ll be in Pataskala visiting Screen Machine Industries as well as fundraisers in both Columbus and Cleveland.

Let’s all welcome this Wolverine fan, shall we?

Can I get an OH?

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State Representative John Adams (R-Sidney) came onto our site last night to leave this comment on my JobsOhio story:

“Keep in mind that Indiana gained 40,000 jobs since August, 2009. Ohio gained about 7,300 jobs during the same time. This with a DOD of 65 employees and a budget of $37 million versus Ohio’s DOD that has 408 employees and a budget of $ 1.15 billion.

“The average salary for manufacturing employees in Ohio was less than in Indiana in 2009 ($43,011 in Ohio, $45,643 in Indiana), but electricity costs ( 6.19 cents per kilowatt hour for industrial […]

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Florida privatized economic development efforts. It didn’t turn out so well. John Kasich’s plan means Ohio would be copying off of… MICHIGAN?!? Nevada’s tried Kasich’s business leaders economic development council idea… how’d that work out? “Sh!t My John Kasich Says”- Moving at the Speed of Business (on Indiana) “Can CEOs lure business to Ohio?” [Associated Press, Oct. 11, 2010]

Surprisingly, a D.C. think tank recently concluded a study into the performance of State Economic Development Agencies similar to the JobsOhio plan that Governor Kasich wishes to implement.  […]

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Here’s Kasich’s spokesman Rob Nichols Mansfield News Journal in response to Governor Strickland’s recent campaign appearance there:

Because of Ted Strickland’s mismanagement, Ohio still has higher unemployment than every neighboring state but Michigan, and we’re recovering more slowly,” Nichols wrote in an e-mail to the News Journal. “Relief is coming, however, and John Kasich encourages Ohioans to stay positive and hang in there because if he’s elected governor in November, we’ll be able to reduce spending and begin reducing taxes so we can revive the economy and create jobs.

Yes, it’s true that only Michigan is the only […]

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Again, John Glenn and Rob Portman did the same thing for free.  And I don’t think they got a $20k for an “aide” to help them with their infrequent guest lectures.

Then, again, what has John Glenn ever done?

Imagine what happens when these OSU students find out John Kasich wants to model Ohio’s economic development off of…. Michigan!

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Two days ago, I wrote about video that OhioCapitolBlog captured of Congressman Kasich promising undiscloseable bonuses he plans on offering to the corporate executives who sit on the board of his JobsOhio plan who will, in part, be asked to lobby the Administration on regulatory and legislative matters:

Today, the Ohio House Democratic Caucus issued this press release where two Democratic lawmakers criticized Kasich’s non-transparent plan to privatize Ohio’s economic development:

“The middle class in Ohio has been railroaded by Wall Street fat cats who took bailouts and raked in bonuses while the rest […]

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Yesterday, John Kasich announced his JobsOhio plan to legalize bribery privatize the Ohio Department of Development and create a board of corporate campaign donors executives who will be paid their private market rates in salaries and bonuses for deciding which business get how much of a slice of the corporate welfare pie in Ohio.  By promising Lehman Brothers-type compensation and bonus packages, you’d think someone would ask how is increasing overhead costs to administer these programs going to lead to a better result.  But what do I know?  I’m just applying rational thought and logic.

Last night, I […]

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…and in better news, the state Obama is speaking in here (Michigan) was surrendered to the Obama camp yesterday. Red sirens going off in the McCain headquarters. Those 17 EVs lost is going to tighten up their math quite a bit. Especially given the dynamics of the electoral race. Their campaign has even so much as admitted the only way they win is by the slimmest of margins.

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The Detroit News:

Michigan’s Democratic leadership endorsed a plan late Wednesday that would seat Michigan delegates but partially penalize Clinton for the disputed nature of the primary, cutting her potential delegate advantage in the state.

The proposed compromise would give Clinton 69 pledged delegates and Obama 59. It would allow all 128 pledged delegates, plus Michigan’s 29 superdelegates, to be seated at the convention in Denver in August.

Clinton was to get 73 delegates if the Jan. 15 results were followed.

So that nets Hillary 10 delegates. Not gonna do it. No guarantee the rules committee will go […]

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After the voting is complete in Kentucky and Oregon, Obama will declare victory having the lead in every meaningful metric – and most importantly the delegate lead he has held since sweeping 11 primary contests in a row. Hillary, of course, will set up a nasty 11 day fight until the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meets to consider what to do about Michigan and Florida.

From Politico:

On May 20 we’re going to declare victory,” said an Obama senior advisor who asked that his name be withheld to speak candidly, adding that after those contests they will be […]

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Clinton WILL Go Nuclear

On May 6, 2008 By

In case anyone was still wondering the answer is yes. Yes she will burn this thing down around her:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a secret weapon to build its delegate count, but her top strategists say privately that any attempt to deploy it would require a sharp (and by no means inevitable) shift in the political climate within Democratic circles by the end of this month.

With at least 50 percent of the Democratic Party’s 30-member Rules and Bylaws Committee committed to Clinton, her backers could — when the committee meets at the end of this month — try […]

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