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Fear and Loathing in Minnesota

On December 9, 2009 By

Michele Bachmann is asked why she elicits so much outrage and loathing among liberals:

“I don’t know. I’m a lovable little fuzz ball! I have no idea what they would have to fear. I guess you would have to ask them; they would have the better answer to your question. I am doing my job. That’s what I was elected to do. I don’t fear the left, and maybe that’s part of the loathing that they feel toward me. I’m not afraid to speak out on conservative positions and on issues. We’re a deep-blue state, we’re a strong liberal, […]

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Michele Bachmann’s recent attempt to stoke the tea party embers into a raging fire of conservative dumbassery appears to have failed quite miserably. Reports say there were about 10,000 at the rally. Sean Hannity of Faux News and Bachmann try to stretch that to 20-45,000. Jon Stewart…eh…not ready to let them get away with it.

…and here it is your moment of Zen:

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