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Two weeks ago today, the Columbus Dispatch issued an unqualified endorsement of Governor Kasich’s RobsOhio legislation.  It was, and has been, the only newspaper in Ohio to do so.

While every other paper that covers the State, including the conservative Wheeling Intelligencer, has said that the RobsOhio legislature is an affront to transparency and ethics in government.

But not the Columbus Dispatch who said on transparency:

The Kasich team has committed to accountability and transparency in JobsOhio and the reorganization of the Development Department. Sufficient accountability measures would quell concerns about conflicts of interest and potential […]

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Seriously, if you still subscribe to the Columbus Dispatch, cancel your subscription.  And then tell your friends and family member to do so as well.  And when they ask them why you can point out the things I’m about to mention was in Sunday’s edition.  Both, amazingly, involved Joe Hallett.

The first was a story about the economy in Ohio.  Instead of presenting the economy as I had last week, the Dispatch continued with the “doom and gloom.”  The only problem is, I don’t know where they got their numbers because they couldn’t be from where […]

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Just about every month last year, I’d do a post about Ohio’s unemployment figures and show how the State was already in an economic recovery that the media refused to acknowledge during the political campaign.  Almost inevitably, Jon Keeling at Third Base Politics would essentially try to write a rebuttal post denying that Ohio was in any sort of economic recovery.

First, let’s start with a graph Keeling like to use over and over again.  It comes from Governor Strickland’s Council of Economic Advisors, an entity comprised of the leading economic forecasters in Ohio’s private market.  The economic […]

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The 3C passenger rail was treated by the Ohio media has a highly unpopular proposal by the Strickland Administration.  However, my quick research found only these three public opinion polls on the issue

Date Organization Voters Support Oppose 3/17/09 Quinnipiac RV 64% 29% 1/10 Ohio Poll LV* 41% 52% 8/25/10 Columbus Dispatch RV 42% 50%

* The Ohio Poll’s likely voter model last year was widely criticized throughout the year for overweighing the Republican vote and underweighing the Democratic vote.  Eventually, they adjusted their models and after that adjustment still got a result that […]

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Not even the Columbus Dispatch could report Kasich’s appointment of a former megafarm’s point person on keeping environmental regulators at bay and an Dubai oil and gas executive to the Ohio EPA and ODNR yesterday with a straight face:

"These departments are going to send a message to Ohio that we are open for business," Kasich said in naming Scott Nally of Indiana as head of the EPA and former American Electric Power executive David Mustine as director of Natural Resources.

Kasich, a former Republican congressman who will take office Jan. 10, emphasized that he doesn’t plan to […]

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Seriously, is the Columbus Dispatch’s editorial board high?  Today, the Dispatch is crying over the plight of health insurers due to the health care reform law.

And what mandates does the Dispatch complain about?

The federal government’s regulators will investigate any health insurance premium increase above 10% for “reasonableness” to examine if there is a legitimate underwriting basis for the increase and that the insurance companies aren’t just engaged in price gouging to drive up their profit margins. Health insurers must spend 80% of the amount they collect in premiums on health care benefits, leaving only 20% for […]

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Just like Playboy, everyone has heard of us, but nobody will claim to have actually looked at anything we’ve published.  But they’re rip us off and hope nobody notices.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog has a post by Mark Niquette “confirming” our exclusive report that Kasich will name Inspector General Thomas Charles as Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, with the difference that the announcement will be made on Thursday instead of tomorrow.

Mark Niquette doesn’t say in the post he wrote whom he “heard” this information from in his post […]

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The Associated Press on Friday confirmed our exclusive story early last week that the U.S. Department of Education has denied that Secretary Arne Duncan ever told Kasich that Kasich’s planned abandonment of Governor Strickland’s evidence-based school funding model wouldn’t jeopardize Ohio’s awarding of “Race to the Top” federal funding.  It turns out that the U.S. Department of Education has, for weeks now, made it plain that they made no such representation to Kasich for as long as Kasich has been claiming otherwise.

Federal officials say they can’t assure Ohio that its $400 million federal […]

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Here’s today’s Columbus Dispatch’s editorial on Governor Strickland’s school reforms:

“Not that scrapping Strickland’s plan is, by itself, bad for Ohio schools.

“The governor touts it as a bold, new way of delivering education, but it really is, mainly, a list of jobs to be filled. It mandates that each clump of so many students must have X number of teachers, counselors, aides, nurses and the like, with little opportunity for different school districts to use resources in ways that meet their particular needs.”

“It’s a one-size-fits-all approach, well-designed for pleasing the education unions that are a large […]

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Boy, the Columbus Dispatch is a fine paper to use… if you own a parakeet.

The Dispatch ruined my image of Kasich sulking on the bus waiting for Rob Portman to stop answering reporters’ questions so they could make their next “gig.”

The navy blue luxury bus holding the rest of the GOP candidates left Everal Barn without the ticket’s driver – Kasich. In an uncommon occurrence, Kasich was asked by his state patrol protection detail to ride separately in the campaign’s SUV, even though there was no specific threat against him, according to patrol spokesman Gary Lewis.


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This is what John Kasich has to say about this election.  It is the most partisan rant we’ve seen him give this election so far.  And just about every word that John Kasich says shows a man who is delusional.  Seriously, and pathetically delusional.

According to CNN:

“In my entire political life I have never seen the kind of negative, smearing, lying stuff that these Democrats have done and brought on the people of this state.”

That’s a pretty remarkable thing for Kasich to say given what he saw in 1996.  In 1996, Kasich’s […]

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