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Another achievement John Kasich has listed in his 100 days of achievements is keeping Goodyear from moving to another State:

Keeping Ohio Companies in Ohio—American Greetings, Bob Evans, Diebold and Goodyear saving more than 5,500 jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue are saved.

And for once, Kasich is talking about a company that was seriously considering leaving Ohio and had multiple economic development offers to lure it away. And it’s also true that if it were not for the efforts of the Ohio Department of Development and local officials, Goodyear might have left.

The problem for Kasich is this all occurred in 2007, not 2011.

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A year ago, Kasich spokeman Rob Nichols suggested that Ted Strickand was wasting taxpayer money any time he used the State’s plane to travel and that the State didn’t even need a State plane. Now, Nichols suggests that it’s vital for Ohio’s economy that Kasich spends nearly $400 a day using the State plane sometimes for no other reason than to make a staff announcement to garner more favorable local media coverage.

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Seriously, is this what passes for newspaper commentary now? I read his column in today’s Plain Dealer on SB 5 and saw a guy destroy more straw men than a Kansas tornado.  A college freshman taking an Intro to Rhetoric course could have written a stronger column.

I know O’Brien likes to fancy himself as Ohio’s version of George Will, but like all cheap imitations, this one is deficiently lacking in the intellect and reason abilities of the original. O’Brien debates himself on SB 5 and declares himself the winner by refuting the following proposition he himself proposed:


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Yesterday, our companion site, BudgetWatch, reported that the Administration finally released a school district by district breakdown of how Kasich’s budget would impact schools.  Given the Republicans in the General Assembly are dismantling Governor Strickland’s education reforms and his new evidence-based model and have not yet indicated how school funds would be distributed under the replacement formula, this was kind of critical information to put out there.

Nearly two weeks after the budget was released, the numbers were finally released (sort of).  I’ll let our BudgetWatch explain:

Keep in mind, the numbers shown here are misleading […]

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Ohio law required that Governor Kasich submit to the General Assembly his budget by March 15th, 2011.  Technically, Kasich complied with the law in the narrowest sense of the term.  But Kasich’s budget is still largely a mystery to most seasoned budget watchers for one simple reason.

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From the Ohio ACLU’s press release:

COLUMBUS- Today, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio sent a letter to Governor John Kasich urging him to lift restrictions on members of the press from recording his announcement of his biennial budget on March 15, 2011. According to news reports, Governor Kasich will not allow members of the press to video record his speech or take photos. He will allow audio recording, but only to be used for fact checking and not for broadcast.

“ Ohio’s biennial budget promises to be one of the most significant pieces of legislation to come from […]

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Here we go AGAIN!

Yet again, we see the Kasich Administration demanding unprecedented restrictions on the press, but this time it isn’t the inauguration and its associated parties.  This time it’s Kasich’s unveiling of the State budget tomorrow at 1 p.m.

[UPDATE:] It gets better.  This week just happens to be Sunshine Week!

Just about every Ohio media outlet under the sun is reporting that the Kasich Administration is barring the media from taking any pictures or shooting any video from tomorrow’s budget event:

Spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp says journalists can bring only pens, notepads and tape recorders to […]

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The Cincinnati Enquirer is now and has always been, as long as anyone can remember, been a conservative editorial board.  They endorsed Ken Blackwell in 2006, even though they acknowledged his candidacy was a lost cause.  They endorsed John Kasich in 2010.

Today, the Cincinnati Enquirer’s editorial board blasted the Senate in how it conducted itself on SB 5:

It is shameful that Ohio Republicans pushed the SB5 collective bargaining bill through the Senate on Wednesday using the sort of tactics that congressional Democrats were justly criticized for using during the health-care reform debate.

What’s doubly shameful is […]

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(HT: Clips & Comment)

Senate Bill 5 isn’t about creating jobs in Ohio.

Want proof?  Here’s Governor Kasich in Newsweek:

The most that Kasich would say was that “timing may be an issue” and that unemployment may remain high through the next election. “We have a long way to run,” Kasich confessed. “If the jobs come in ’13, then God bless them.” (emphasis added.)

In other words, give Kasich every policy he wants, and he still believes that it’ll take divine intervention for Ohio to gain jobs before he’s up for re-election in 2014.

SB 5, […]

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When it was introduced, the Ohio political media was quick to declare that given the sizeable Republican majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate, SB 5 was an inevitable conclusion.  There was nothing anyone could do to stop it.  Don’t even bother, folks.  It’s a done deal.

Tonight, the Cleveland Plain Dealer was the first to write what we here at Plunderbund has been saying for some time:

Despite the GOP majority in the Senate, it is unclear whether the bill has enough votes to get out of the 12-member committee where it is being debated, […]

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Look out for the bus, Senator Jones…

Can’t believe that Governor Kasich uttered those words “not my bill.”

Kasich did the same thing to State Representative John Adams.  He used to praise him for this income tax repeal legislation, until a Legislative Service Commission (LSC) analysis of Adams’ bill became a political liability in the campaign.

[UPDATE:]  A commenter reminded us of Kasich on Fox News just the day before:

Uses the term “we” at least eighteen times when talking about SB 5.  Says it’s part of his overall package of reforms to make Ohio a […]

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