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I still get asked about the world famous McCain Palin Mob videos.  Sorta like, “Where are they now?” Indeed, where are those morons of epic fantastitude who so proudly proclaim their conviction that Barack Obama is a terrorist?  The undisputed star of Part 1 (which has over 2 million views and counting), the blonde who kept coming into the camera, was seen last year prancing around outside a Planned Parenthood clinicPart 2, a measly 430,000.  Sniff.

Part 2 gets some love today.  Recognize this guy?

Recognize him now?

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The video that launched a thousand camera carrying bloggers at the vapid soul of the conservative movement, which became the #7 Most Viral Video of the 2008 presidential campaign, and created an entirely new genre of cinema verite starring the most ignorant fools ever to engage in political discourse….the McCain Palin Mob, as of this post, is less than 400 views away from hitting 2 million.?? At the current rate of around 300-400 views a day (which is a bump thanks to last week’s Palin book signing fun) it will cross 2 million views by Thanksgiving.

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