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Earlier today, Matt Naugle, whose thoughts on all things Jewish are, to say the least, quite interesting, made a death threat at someone close to the governor.  Here’s what that Tweet looks like now.

I’m told Naugle has been on a Twitter delete campaign today, erasing other brain farts that ooze out of his ass, too.  It’s not the first death threat Naugle has casually tossed around online.  Won’t be the last.

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From his Twitter.

I don’t know what this guy’s problem is.  A friend of mine who works with special needs kids took one look at the infamous Naugle video and said “Aspergers.”  That might explain a lot, but not all of it.  Either way, here’s hoping the kid gets some medication soon before we have to detail this any further.

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Congratulations, Matt Naugle, you just made Talking Points Memo!

Meanwhile, over in the WV-Sen race, another acting scandal is brewing over what an ad consultant wrote in a casting call for a Republican ad in that State.  Again, we go to TPM:

The ad featured three blue-collar guys at a diner, talking about how the only way to stop President Obama was to vote against Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin in the race for Senate. It appears that the ad was shot in Philadelphia, not in West Virginia, and sought out that key "hicky" actor type, in […]

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I’ll give Matt Naugle credit.  He’s totally calling out Kasich on this one.

Turns out that Naugle’s done a little bit more research on Kasich’s paid actor.

He found this on the guy’s MySpace page:

Then, and perhaps more troubling, is the guy’s criminal record for battery, theft, and forgery.

John Kasich just used a convicted felon to attack Ted Strickland.

Um, wow.

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Last month, John Kasich admitted that he believes his “No New Tax” pledge he signed with the Americans for Tax Reform does not include eliminating tax expenditures (targeted tax breaks) despite the ATR’s public statement that it does.

Today, during his campaign press conference, Kasich was asked after countless other Republicans campaigned on such pledges only to break it, why should voters trust him.  He gave a two minute angry answer about how he was different from every one of those Republicans.  Kasich angrily rejected the notion that he was like those other pledge breakers.

And then he […]

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Jon Keeling is really starting to lose his mind.  Today, he claimed, with no evidence, that the Strickland campaign just flat out “made up” an internal poll showing them behind by three points in order to have something to say about yesterday’s Quinnipiac.  It’s, of course, totally untrue.

Jai Chabria, a Kasich campaign worker, and the “other man” in Kasich’s “two-man” Columbus Lehman Brothers office, also tweeted that the poll was a complete fiction.

The only problem with this theory is that Matt Naugle wrote about an internal Democratic poll showing […]

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Some days, I really don’t even think Matt Naugle believes what he writes.

Today, Matt Naugle accuses the Fisher campaign of being racist for….

….using Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.

Matt’s right.  The Fisher campaign should have used non-Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.  How dare they!

[UPDATED:] Matt goes all in crazy.  Equates the Fisher ad to Willie Horton.

Naugle’s entire post is that featuring any one of any race other than a white person must be racist.

He honestly doesn’t think that Fisher’s use is no different than the Bush […]

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Joe already posted a really good review. I also would like to hereby nominate this as the PB phrase of the month:

And bringing Brian Hester on your show to talk almost exclusively about Twitter is like scoring a big interview with Stephen Hawking and forcing him to spend the entire time discussing his wheel chair.

Just. Awesome.

Modern also gives his take without having seen the tape. LOL. I drove down to Cbus to see Brian do the shoot and was duly sequestered in the lobby for the duration of the taping. Sad thing is I looked […]

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Ok, I haven’t even seen Capitol Square yet (you can’t get ONN on DirectTV), so I have no idea what aired or how it looked.

However, you can see I was disappointed.  Matt Naugle and I have been sparring over the Internet for over five years.  This was our first public joint encounter, and we were asked about our LeBron tweets?

It was like booking Ali and Frazier, but asking them to thumb wrestle.  We’re there talking about ethics in blogging, but there was virtually no new ground than when Eric and some conservative blogger, or Jill and Naugle had […]

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While John Kasich was busy doodling “Kasich + Daniels =BFF 4Ever” with hearts over the “i”s and prancing unicorns lifting them into Jesus’ waiting arms, Joe Hallett of the Columbus Dispatch tried to remind everyone of the elephant in the room because he’s really creeped out by this gubernatorial man crush:

Outside of Peyton Manning, Indiana sucks ass.

An examination of statistics, however, reveals that Indiana might not be the jobs magnet that Kasich incessantly portrays on the campaign trail.

On a steamy day when Strickland also wooed northeastern Ohio voters in an already-sizzling race, Kasich campaigned with his […]

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If there was ever a Republican candidate for Governor that should appeal to former head of the now defunct (I believe) Ohio Taxpayers Association Scott Pullins, at least on paper, it would be John Kasich.

And yet, while Matt Naugle bites his tongue, Pullins goes there on Kasich’s first ad introducing himself to Cincinnati and Columbus voters:

So the brain surgeons that are running the Kasich campaign have finally figured out that millions of dollars of unanswered negative campaign commercials might be hurting John Kasich’s campaign for governor.  Congratulation you handsome fellows and welcome to Politics […]

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