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Yep, today’s the deadline for the Statewide candidates (except for the U.S. Senate) to report their August fundraising haul.  And yet again, they don’t actually have to report their spending, so any cash-on-hand figures you see bandied about is highly misleading and shouldn’t be trusted.  That’s why I’m not going to run them in this post.

We’ll update this post as the reports are filed today.


Governor Ted Strickland (D): $1.4 million.  A $72k donation by the Franklin County Democratic Party, but no sizeable donation from the Ohio Democratic Party.  This is the first report where ODP […]

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The State Auditor’s race normally is one of those types of races that despite its Apportionment Board importance just struggles to define itself on the issues.  Like alot of down ballot statewide campaigns, the races generally are framed on the candidate’s background and devolves into attacks over their records that rarely have little or anything to do with the office (such as Mary Taylor’s ‘06 attacks against Sykes over the Taft sales tax increase.)

Today, David Pepper’s campaign released his twenty-seven page plan for the office. It is not a fluff piece, nor is it dripping with ideological […]

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Mary Taylor was in the Youngstown area yesterday bashing the Strickland Administration as part of the Kasich-Taylor Great American Outsourcing Tour.  She promised business leaders that Kasich-Taylor would do what Strickland has already done.

From the Youngstown Business Journal:

“We need to go in a different direction,” Taylor said.

She emphasized the need to ease the regulatory environment for small businesses, reducing the tax burden for companies and also helping to improve and strengthen Ohio’s job-training capabilities.

When is someone in the media going to finally called Taylor on this bullshit?  Because of Governor Strickland’s support, Ohio’s personal […]

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Please. We’re dying to know. Which companies over the course of the past 16 years did you advise to leave Ohio and take their jobs with them? The media might take note that 3/4 of this time Governor Strickland was not the Governor and those 12 years were firmly in the hands of Republicans. So Mary Taylor is essentially saying her own party is responsible for the dire situation the state is in – or at least 75% responsible.

Small biz owner and Ohioan Chuck Hootman not only wants to know how many companies John Kasich’s running mate […]

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Boy. That was a quick disappearing act. Just yesterday our carpetblogging friend MC Scrappydoo was all excited about the big Kasich-Mitch Daniels event in Cleveland. I mean there were even tweets. Lots of them. And more even!

Today? No posts. No tweets. It’s as if the event never even happened!

You may ask yourself why. Well, lemme tell you. Couple reasons.

1. Team Strickland completely punked Team Kasich by timing a press conference outlining how John Kasich lied about his pitching investments to pension funds in Ohio while he was a director […]

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Wow.  This is just…bad.  What happens when your only line of attack against your opponent is completely undercut by your running mate at an event that you’ve been promoting relative to this very important issue for weeks?

Well.  Let’s just say there may have been a run on Depends undergarments down on Gay Street this afternoon.  They’re shitting themselves down at Kamp Kasich.

So over the course of her 16 years she cost Ohio how many jobs?  I wonder if someone ought to do the math on that one instead of figuring out how many times Jimmy Stewart may […]

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While John Kasich was busy doodling “Kasich + Daniels =BFF 4Ever” with hearts over the “i”s and prancing unicorns lifting them into Jesus’ waiting arms, Joe Hallett of the Columbus Dispatch tried to remind everyone of the elephant in the room because he’s really creeped out by this gubernatorial man crush:

Outside of Peyton Manning, Indiana sucks ass.

An examination of statistics, however, reveals that Indiana might not be the jobs magnet that Kasich incessantly portrays on the campaign trail.

On a steamy day when Strickland also wooed northeastern Ohio voters in an already-sizzling race, Kasich campaigned with his […]

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After Tim read  my post yesterday about Keeling’s rushed eagerness to push a poll in the Auditor’s race that was clearly questionable on its face, let alone when you did a cursory review of the pollster’s “credentials,”  Tim said something I hinted at the beginning of my post.  Yesterday’s post by Keeling was even hackish even for the Carpetblogger (I’d note that Matt Naugle and other conservative bloggers didn’t rush to tout this poll.)  So, Tim asked, why did Keeling?

I’ll tell you why.  Keeling, and by extension, Camp Kasich have been very nervous about the Auditor’s race.  […]

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According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the special bipartisan panel convened to work on a bipartisan plan to solve what has been projected to be a potential $8 billion deficit (if the economy doesn’t pick up enough to generate more revenues and the federal government does not continue to give stimulus aid to the States next year) heard testimony from a national expert from the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL).

The NCSL is an organization in which state legislators, from all parties, exchange policy ideas and conduct objective research on a variety of state […]

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Mark Naymik at the Cleveland Plain Dealer has the explosive story:

Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor has delayed the release of her performance audit of the Lottery Commission, adding to speculation that gubernatorial politics is at play.

Taylor is Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich’s running mate, and her audit — which she says is not complete — could generate negative stories about Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland’s administration. And a later release means the findings will come out closer to the fall election.

Taylor’s office briefed the Ohio Lottery Commission of its findings weeks ago and said it would provide […]

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