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A key aspect of Obamacare is its mandate for health insurance. To make finding coverage easier, beginning in 2014, consumers and businesses will be able to shop for and compare insurance plans on websites known as “exchanges.

States can set up their own exchange, putting them in control of key decisions such as which insurance plans are offered and what they must cover. States can also opt out and let the federal government make all the decisions. A third option exists for a state-federal hybrid. Today was the deadline for states to indicate whether they would run a […]

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Last week, JobsOhio unveiled a request for bids for full-service marketing firms to market the State of Ohio to the nation with an estimated initial budget of $2 million.  Here’s how JobsOhio describes the aims of the marketing:

Key Objectives/Scope of Work

— Support the state of Ohio’s key industry sectors, and if possible, improve upon the false perception that Ohio is a non-innovative, non-business friendly and rust belt state. (Background information on current marketing efforts can be found at and

 Gee, I wonder where Ohio got that reputation from?

During the Senate’s floor debate of the State budget, Senate Finance Chairman Chris Widener pointed to the fact that the State’s revenues came below estimate in May as evidence that it’s premature to talk about a Strickland surplus providing additional funding beyond the draconian cuts to schools, cities, and nursing homes because the economic recovery in Ohio is fragile. 

“You know the revenue estimates for the month of May? I think the (Senate) President (Niehaus) mentioned after session. We’re down for the month as compared to estimated revenue,” he told reporters. “That’s not a good sign. That’s basically a […]

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Yet another poll shows that Republicans strongly favor failed ‘06 Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell over current State Treasurer Josh Mandel.  PPP shows an even larger lead for Blackwell, who it says leads 49% to 16% in a three-way race between them and former State Senator Kevin Coughlin.

Hey, remember when Lt. Governor Mary Taylor was a rumored candidate for the U.S. Senate next year?  Just for fun, PPP included her in a hypothetical matchup with the first three and Congressman Jim Jordan, who was also strongly rumored to be a potential candidate.   How does Taylor do?

She comes […]

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Today’s story is about the 21st largest school district in the state of Ohio and how district leaders are working to attain financial success while being under attack on multiple fronts.  I will not reveal the names of the district or the leadership until nearer the end of the story so as to try and avoid any bias.  Please read with an open mind.

The 21st largest district in Ohio provided services to just over 9,000 students in grades K-12 in 2009-2010.  Enrollment has increased 139% in the last five years, a rate slightly higher than the Olentangy Local Schools’ […]

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Today, Wentzel Strategies, a pollster that has a rather unproven track record in Ohio (although did predict that Gibbs was a formable opponent to Zach Space last year) shows a mixed bag for the ‘12 re-election prospects for Sherrod Brown.

In head-t0-head matchups against Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, State Treasurer Josh Mandel, and ‘06 GOP gubernatorial nominee/former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell,  Brown is easily ahead by a thirteen to fifteen point margin, depending on the GOP opponent.  Brown polls right at the magical 50% mark, while the GOP candidate polls in the mid thirties.

Wentzel further shows that […]

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Public Policy Polling, a Democratic, but well respected polling organization, today released additional numbers from their Ohio poll.  Their last poll in December showed freshman Senator Sherrod Brown in potentially deep trouble, running virtually neck and neck with a cast of potential challengers.

Brown, who in December was polling at 40%-43% given the GOP challenger, is now polling at the more comfortable 48%-49% range.  In addition, instead of the tied to eight point lead against the tested GOP challengers, Brown now sits on a comfortable and consistent fifteen to nineteen point lead.

The biggest casualty for […]

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All year, John Kasich and the RGA has teamed up in what was—of course—a completely non-coordinated ad strategy.  Kasich could run positive ads as the RGA did his dirty work running one negative ad after another.  John Kasich has routinely claimed that he is not running against Ted Strickland.  Too bad John Kasich’s ad suggests otherwise now.

If the Kasich campaign believed this ad strategy truly worked so well that they were now sitting on a ten to seventeen point lead, as the Carpetblogger believes, then it makes absolutely little sense for the Kasich campaign to suddenly change gears and […]

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I knew I was forgetting a condiment to add to the Kasich-Taylor FAIL sandwhich they served this morning in trying to roll out their worker training platform.

From the Aug. 11, 2010, Youngtown Vindicator:

During the discussion with business owners, Taylor asked if there have been problems with the state’s job-training programs and the working relationship between businesses and universities. The business owners said no.

(emphasis added.)

One month later, in Youngstown, John Kasich rolled out a plan to fix something a group of business leaders from that very same community, hand picked by the campaign, at a […]

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After spending much of yesterday begging supporters to take free tickets to Kasich’s Columbiana County rally yesterday.  The Kasich campaign switched gears and hyped a “MAJOR” announcement in a very special web episode of “Johnny and Mary.”

I was in court this morning, so I missed it.  Apparently, I’m not the only one.

From Marc Kovac of Dix Newspapers (OhioCapitolBlog):

How about RightOhio’s Matt Naugle?

Now mind you, today’s announcement was Kasich’s unveiling his worker training reform package.  Yeah, I know.  Nothing gets voters excited like a technocrat candidate running on […]

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Today’s Toledo Blade editorial raised an interesting question about Mary Taylor’s audit of the Ohio Lottery Commission: if it’s doing so well, as her performance audit found, then why should it adopt the strategies of States whose privatized lottery commissions are not run as well as Ohio’s?

State Auditor Mary Taylor’s decision to conduct a performance audit of the Ohio Lottery Commission made some people scratch their heads. Her findings, released this week, may have them tearing out their hair.

[A]lmost everything the audit had to say about the lottery was positive. Yet Ms. Taylor still managed […]

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