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I wish Nate Silver would do seminars teaching journalists how to report polls beyond just cutting and pasting the results.

Today, the Columbus Dispatch reported on a poll reported in the D.C. political paper, The Hill, which reportedly shows bank lobbyist Steve Stivers sitting on a nine-point lead over freshman Democratic Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy.  Incidentially, the poll was funded by the American Natural Gas Alliance.  No, I don’t what to make of that, either.

But I know that the poll has a fundamental flaw.  Like most of the polling we’ve seen in Ohio this year, […]

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Remember back in May when Republican candidate Steve Stivers attempted to walk back his response on a 9/12 Tea Party group’s questionnaire that asked if Steve Stivers would support repealing the 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that allows for the direct election of the Senate by the people? (If not, click on the link.)

Well, what about the rest of that questionnaire?


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Steve Stivers is having a little problem… Steve Stivers’ record.

Last week, Steve Stivers claimed he was FOR embryonic stem cell research despite his vote in the State Senate to ban funding for it.

Today, Stivers attacked Kilroy over her support for cap-and-trade:

“Liberal special interest groups are at it again. Rahm Emanuel’s little brother and his Hollywood friends think they know what is best for the voters of Ohio’s 15th District. They had the audacity to run an ad in the Columbus Dispatch that leads people to believe that Cap and Trade is good for […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reports that a group of Ohio contractors from the Ohio Contractors Association, a group that has overwhelming endorsed Republicans in the past, told Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood that the federal stimulus helped them avoid disaster.

Without the stimulus, the contractors said that they would have had to cut their workforce another 20% in order to try to survive.

Again, yet another group that refuses to get that the stimulus didn’t work in Ohio.

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This is one of the most bizarre political attacks I have ever seen.

J-Group, a pro-Israel lobbying group, asked Mary Jo Kilroy to sign a letter that other members of Congress were signing urging President Obama to put diplomatic pressure on Israel to resolve the blockade that many foreign policy experts said was actually strengthening Hamas.

A policy change that Israel made as urged in the letter that Kilroy signed.

Now, a neo-con group headed by Bill Kristol is running a highly misleading ad accusing Kilroy of…being an enemy of Israel.


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Much has been made of Steve Stivers recent FEC report, but not much has been written about where Stivers is getting his money.  According to Stivers’ report 40% of his donations were from business PACs.  In fairness, though, Kilroy accepted a similar ratio from mostly union PACs.

Stivers accepted so much special interest money, though, he likely violated federal campaign finance laws.  My understanding is that a PAC can only donate $10,000  and individuals can only donate up to $4,800 to a congressional campaign in a single cycle.  Another federal political candidate’s campaign may only donate up to $4,000 a […]

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I swear to God, I couldn’t make up something this outrageous if I tried.  The Columbus Dispatch notes that while Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy was at the White House to witness the President’s signing the historic Wall Street reform bill into law that she helped to shape, her opponent, Steve Stivers, former bank lobbyist, was in D.C. hosting a fundraiser with the reform bill’s opponents:

Stivers, who has been critical of the bill, held a fundraiser in Washington this afternoon with lobbyists for the financial industry, which has opposed many of the reform measures. Suggested contributions ranged […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog shows just how twisted the NRCC has to get to attack Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s role in passing comprehensive Wall Street reform passed:

The committee, which backs Republican challenger Steve Stivers, said provisions in the bill will benefit trial lawyers and unions, which happen to be among Kilroy’s most stalwart financial supporters.

Lawyers will benefit from lawsuits that result from disputes over “ambiguous language” in the bill as well as provisions that allow whistleblowers to be anonymous and hire lawyers to represent them, the GOP committee said.

The group […]

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So, in order to deflect from John Boehner crying over the evil Democrats’ plan to regulate the helpless ant in Washington that is the major Wall Street financial industries, bank lobbyist Steve Stivers attacked Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy over comments that Speaker Pelosi made about GOP efforts to filibuster unemployment extension.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing covers the Stivers attack, the Kilroy counter-attack, followed by the Stivers surrender.

Here’s the Stivers attack:

The Stivers campaign called on Kilroy, D-Columbus, to defend or disavow comments by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., that unemployment checks are the […]

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I’m sorry, but it’s just comical how a guy who worked on the Hill can be so wrong about legislation he writes about.

Today, the Carpetblogger attacked Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy for saying that she voted against the TARP.

Do you think her Big Labor friends will be ticked off when they find out Kilroy wasn’t even in congress when TARP was voted on?

Do you think that the NRCC is going to be ticked off after they tweeted about Keeling’s post when they realized that Kilroy was in Congress to vote on TARP?

Back in January […]

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