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Here’s the Indy story detailing how Zanotti lied about his gambling junkets with J. Kevin Kelley.? Below is the tape – the vid starts at James Renner’s question.? You can clearly here Zanotti say “ZERO” in a very irritated tone.

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Henry Gomez writes a good roundup of the challenges facing the Cuyahoga County transition.? However, in his coverage of the February 17 meeting, Gomez missed one very important point – transition advisory group co-chair Martin Zanotti lied to a reporter during the meeting.

Zanotti watched from the sidelines at a public meeting for the government transition process held at CSU February 17. After several audience members lobbed softball questions at the group of Democrats in control of the meeting, I stepped to the mic and addressed Zanotti directly. I asked him to go on record to confirm or […]

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The PD’s Gomez is all over this.

According to?recently posted minutes, the public engagement committee met from 6 to 8 p.m. Feb. 3 at the Thompson Hine law firm in downtown Cleveland.

And of course, guess what was the major topic of discussion – doling out a contract.

Attendees discussed a pending?request for proposals (follow link to see the request) from communications consultants. Zanotti?confirmed this monththat the transition team wanted to hire someone for the job. The public engagement committee plans to score the proposals received by Thursday’s deadline.

I’m having a hard time understanding why […]

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Gomez quotes the head of the public engagement committee, which has been meeting in PRIVATE, who himself runs a company in MEDINA COUNTY.

Though the public was not invited to two meetings McShepard said his panel held before Thursday, he said members always favored openness.

What took so long to communicate that to McCafferty and Zanotti?

“I think it was a matter of it being so early in the process that we hadn’t been able to have that discussion,” McShepard said. “It was just a matter of getting our ducks in a row.”

Sadly, no. ?Not according to what […]

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Hard to argue with this.

Finally, the FBI needs to tie up their loose ends. If they can indict more officials on lesser charges of bribery or fraud or illegally reading emails of court officials, for example, just throwing that one out there, then those indictments should come with the others. Get it all out. With Issue 6, the goal at this point should just be to get them out of office so we can start fresh with a new slate of elected officials in the Fall.

That?s our timetable. Respect it.

We don?t want to hear about deals. […]

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This is how dictators act.

“Honestly, I don’t think it did” make a difference, he said of the ACLU’s threat of a lawsuit if officials did not open all meetings to the public. “They may have jumped the gun a bit.”

The PD’s Henry Gomez, who has been all over this since the laughable WCPN appearance which started it, notes yet another perfection of irony.

But feedback from the transition group’s public engagement committee, which has been meeting in private, ultimately convinced leaders to open the meetings, Zanotti said.

Who is Martin Zanotti, unelected by anyone, to decide how, […]

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The ambiguity is enough for the ACLU to seek clarifications from a judge if transition leaders do not voluntarily open up, said Link, who added that a lawsuit is possible. She warned that legal action would bring the transition process to a halt.

“It will take forever,” Link said. “We hope public officials get on the right track and further action won’t be necessary.”

There is plenty in this new charter that can be litigated and challenged in court. ?Plenty. ?As a candidate for the new county council, I would support any lawsuit or other effort that […]

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I turned on 90.3 in the car, and there was good ol’ Dan Moulthrop with 2010’s unelected czar of Cuyahoga County Martin Zanotti, identified as recently as this past Sunday by the PD as a potential candidate for county executive, and his fellow unelected co-czar ?Jim McCafferty to discuss county reform! ?Awesome! ?So I decided to call in and ask a question.

Since everyone on the air was all about transparency, I identified myself to call screener Susan as a candidate for county council, and said I wanted to follow up on a question from a listener, who asked where […]

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