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Recently, Republican Governors have been scrutinized on how closely they are sticking to Romney’s economic talking points. After John Kasich made one notable misstep, he seems to be getting onto the same set of talking points as Romney lately.

One item where the Governor’s views appear to be in lockstep with Romney’s is the subject of outsourcing.

Romney talks a good game on the campaign trail:

“They’ve been able to put American businesses out of business and kill American jobs,” he told workers at a Toledo fence factory in February. “If I’m president of the United States, that’s […]

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Today the Ohio House passed and the Senate agreed to SB314, legislation that further reduces oversight of the state’s jobs programs and hands more unfettered power to Kasich Jobs Czar, Mark Kvamme. (votes at end of post)

Kvamme, we should remind you, is a California venture capitalist who moved to Ohio to help Kasich set up JobsOhio, his privatized economic development agency. Kvamme always seemed troubled by government work, speaking out against public records requirements and imaginary rules—none actually exist—he said would prevent him from eating or traveling in style:

There are also restrictions about travel and expenses […]

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A newly-released analysis shows that the world of Silicon Valley venture capital is a bona fide boys club, with the biggest firms employing a dismal lack of female partners, while managing to hire women into 100 percent of their receptionist positions.

Why does this matter in Ohio?

You may recall our Governor has a similar track record when it comes to hiring women into key roles. In fact, upon taking office, in order to give some of his top staff raises, Kasich cut the salaries of several female staffers at the bottom. More recently we showed that […]

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Last week, JobsOhio unveiled a request for bids for full-service marketing firms to market the State of Ohio to the nation with an estimated initial budget of $2 million.  Here’s how JobsOhio describes the aims of the marketing:

Key Objectives/Scope of Work

— Support the state of Ohio’s key industry sectors, and if possible, improve upon the false perception that Ohio is a non-innovative, non-business friendly and rust belt state. (Background information on current marketing efforts can be found at and

 Gee, I wonder where Ohio got that reputation from?

On January 20th, 2011, Governor Kasich released additional details of his JobsOhio plan to privatize certain functions of the Ohio Department of Development.   Governor Kasich boldly promised that he, as Governor, would be directly involved with economic development in the State, a slap at Governor Strickland and other past Governors that allowed others to run the Ohio Department of Development’s efforts.  Kasich also boldly promised that JobsOhio would be “self-funding” in that it could rely on private funding sources from the business sector alone and would eliminate the need for sustained State funding.  More importantly, John Kasich said […]

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During the campaign, John Kasich heavily criticized Ted Strickland for having an interim director at the Ohio Department of Development before making her the permanent director.

PolitiFact called this statement from Kasich “False” because it implied that there was no leadership in the office during that time when for the most part it was run by the same person.  But Kasich continued to use the line of attack, saying that the failure of the Strickland Administration in having steady leadership in the agency was a reason for Ohio’s economic problems during the Great Recession.

So, how has Kasich […]

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Today’s Dispatch article about Mark Kvamme adds a new piece to the puzzle that suggests there is something highly unusual about his interest in JobsOhio and Ohio in general, especially for a guy committed to return to his California-based venture capital firm by the end of this summer.

We know that Kvamme first worked on Kasich’s ‘00 Presidential campaign as a “Senior Internet Strategist.”  We know that for years John Kasich was able to keep his oldest and closest congressional aides paid by keeping them on the payroll of his federal PAC, New Century, which did little but… keep […]

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This morning Third Frontier and the Third Frontier Advisory Committee were both scheduled to meet today.  I’m told from reliable sources that the meetings were essentially cancelled.  No public explanation has been given.

However, word in Columbus, unofficially at least, is that the Administration’s lawyers are kind of spooked at that whole Mark Kvamme may not be able to be the Development Director under the Ohio Constitution issue.

I’ve hit the phone circuit today, and I can tell you that the Republicans are in full “what the hell do we do” mode over it.  You see there’s a […]

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