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I was wondering this myself!

Second, Marilyn Brown may have cured every Franklin resident of cancer for all I care, but the way she caved and cleared the field for Garrison (when Garrison had not exactly showed the monolithic support you claimed) was crappy, especially after she’d gotten a large number of state legislators to endorse her over their own House Majority Floor Leader.

Seems Marilyn Brown’s endorsers showed more courage than Marilyn Brown. ?Shocking! ?I’d like to know what Marilyn Brown is doing with the money she raised to run for SOS. ?Is she giving it back? ?Or […]

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A lot of people ask me why I support Jennifer Brunner for US Senate, the answer is simple. ?Courage. ?Brunner says what she’s going to do, then does it. ?She ran for Secretary of State saying she’d clean up our sad electoral processes, she did it. ?Brunner saw an opening for the US Senate, she’s going for it.

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly likely that when Brunner is our nominee, she will be the victim of a statewide Democratic ticket filled with a bunch of opportunistic cowards, backed by a bunch of opportunistic cowards, thus pathetic in the extreme because this state’s […]

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Got into a discussion about our homophobe gay baiting neanderthal blonde Sarah Palin Democrat Jennifer Garrison today, and it was just depressing.? Then I look at my Facebook feed, and there’s an update from Marilyn Brown, Garrison’s former opponent in the primary for Secretary of State.

So I unfriended Marilyn Brown.? Marilyn, you don’t get to enter a race, get people all ginned up to support you, send your campaign manager to pitch a bunch of oppo at blogs, then pull out, and expect others to just be all cool with that.? In the real world, that’s called a bait […]

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Earlier I posted about the trouble brewing for Jennifer Garrison in her bid to be the Democratic candidate for Ohio Secretary of State. The post included information on a Facebook group opposing her (now up over 200 members). The group was started by Michael Daniels and in doing some research I found an interesting video of him talking about the race. Michael is publisher of Outlook Magazine. He is also a very well respected member of the LGBT community in Ohio.

What Michael seems to be saying here is Ted Strickland and Chris Redfern’s soft support […]

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DDN reported on a new Facebook group opposing Jennifer Garrison’s bid for Ohio Secretary of State on Friday. I got an invite today and the group already has 155 members. No love in some of the comments either:

I’m sure you are hearing this from the LGBT Community from all around the state, but I have to make my voice heard on this. Jennifer Garrison should be a non-starter in the Secretary of State race. She is totally unacceptable for statewide office. She is a anti-gay, anti-woman and pro-gun. The is a Democrat in name only. I […]

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