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Husted move could prevent 29,000 from voting in Cuyahoga County
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has announced that he intends to side with Republicans on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to block extended early voting hours in November. Democrats are crying foul. Experts say that those who tend to vote in person at the Board of Elections are the working poor who typically show up only in presidential election years. They are the most likely to go to the wrong polling location and be forced to vote provisionally. For this and other reasons, the Plain Dealer […]

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The Toledo Blade reports that the last few remaining GM workers who were laid off at the Toledo Powertrain plant… are returning to work next week.

A small Ohio-made car delivered U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) back to General Motors Co.’s award-winning Toledo Powertrain plant yesterday.
The same car — the all-new, fuel-efficient Chevrolet Cruze, being assembled in Lordstown, Ohio — will be responsible for the return to work next week of the last 32 hourly workers laid off from the Toledo transmission plant at the start of the auto crisis, plant officials said yesterday.

Plant […]

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Looking like today will be an historic day.? Years of battles with obstructionist GOPers and recent intense months of continued obstruction and tea bagger insanity gives way to the passage of healthcare reform.? Marcy Kaptur backs away from the Stupak bridge to announce she’s on board.? John Larson says the votes are in hand.? We’ll know this evening whether this was true.? I’m hearing 217-214 in a stunning display of partisan obstructionism on the part of Republicans.

The good news is that our own John Boehner will be proved a spectacular failure in declaring the bill will “ruin […]

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