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Hoops Holiday

On March 19, 2009 By

Today is a national holiday in case you were unaware. Many will know that I typically take the first Thursday and Friday off – or somewhat off – to watch the NCAA tournament. Though Kentucky is in the damned NIT, I’m still doing so. I’m a college hoops fanatic. I got a bracket filled out. My final 4 teams are the same as Obama’s. I’m ready to get this madness started!

So no politics today…or probably tomorrow either. One has to set priorities somewhere. I pick hoops over hoopla.

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day.

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Well, last night’s incredible national championship game put an end to the tournament and also an end to the first PlunderPool. The final results show beginner’s luck not only works in poker, but picking tournament brackets as well. Congrats to Joe who won the first annual PlunderPool. His prize will be delivered via special courier.

1 – Joseph – 78 points
2 – Jason S. – 75 points (provisional)
2a – Eric (2) – 75 points
3 – Scott Bakalar – 74 points
4 – GoHeelsGo – 73 points
5 – Jerid Kurtz – 68 […]

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