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The Dispatch is reporting that Marc Dann is trying to “negotiate the terms of his resignation.”

In short: Dann told legislative leaders that he will quit as long as the they don’t let the Inspector General investigate his office.

That “would cause all sorts of problems”, said Dann.

More problems that the ones we already know about?

Jesus Christ, Marc. What else are you hiding?

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It’s now being reported that Marc is backing away from resigning because the legislature won’t commit to not investigating his office fully. They refused this condition and he is now capitulating on resigning. Apparently there is much more to find and Dann could be in more trouble than we know. I hope they stick to this and Marc gets what’s coming to him.

The story is developing for sure. I’d not be sure of a Dann resignation until you hear it from him.

Just go away, Marc.

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PlunderPedia: Dann Remorse

On May 13, 2008 By

Dann Remorse: That feeling you get when you know you were right to oppose a political candidate from the start but gave them the benefit of the doubt because they were on your side and you come to realize how right you were! Similar to the popular phrase “Buyer’s Remorse”.

I’ve been suffering from Dann Remorse for some time.

…but at least I have this collector’s tee!

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…and now it’s time for another Plunderbund video dedication. This one goes out to Plunderbund readers from soon to be ex-Attorney General Marc Dann:

Thanks Marc!

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House Democrats filed articles of impeachment against Dann this morning accusing him of “misconduct in office rising to the level of malfeasance, neglect, nonfeasance, gross neglect of duty, improper exercise of authority and gross morality.”

The nine counts include:

Obstructed the internal investigation into allegations of sexual harassment in his office.

Willfully and intentionally issued misleading statements under oath.

Neglected to perform the duties of his office and by his own admission was not competent or qualified for the job.

Knew or should have known that his own admitted sexual affair with an employee contributed to and allowed a […]

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Not that it’s the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Brian Rothenberg, but it’s time to do so again. Brian and I are famous for our squaring off over a dinner with Barack Obama. We even had a few roundabouts in the office when I worked at ProgressOhio.

So here we go again.

Brian’s latest Shadows on High column reads like a defense of Marc Dann. The argument? It’s just SEX (and the media are obsessing over it).

Well, it’s not just about sex. The lurid details about pajamas or no pajamas aside, this story is about […]

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The Dispatch is reporting that the Ohio AFL-CIO wants Dann to resign…

The state’s largest union — one that endorsed him in 2006 — is calling for Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann’s ouster.

Joe Rugola, president of the 700,000-member Ohio AFL-CIO, said the union is joining the call by Gov. Ted Strickland and other top Democrats for the embattled attorney general to resign.

“The attorney general’s conduct in this entire matter, and the pattern of conduct in his office over the past months, mandates that he leave his office immediately,” Rugola said in a statement.

“It is a sad […]

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From Openers:

ann has hired a noted Texas Democratic opposition research firm whose motto is: “We Serve Republicans. Would You Like Them Skewered, Roasted, or Deep Fried?”

Jason Stanford is president of Stanford Campaigns and Stanford Research in Austin, Texas. He said he has been hired by Dann to do the attorney general’s talking when it comes political matters not related to his state job.

Dann, a Democrat, has even revived his 2006 campaign slogan, Dann for Ohio, and will pay Stanford from leftover campaign funds, Stanford said.

Stanford lives in Texas but that he and Dann have mutual […]

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Making Ohioans everywhere proud:

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According to the Newark Advocate Marc Dann cancelled Thursday’s appearance at the Licking County Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

A spokesperson for his office said Dann’s “public schedule over the next few weeks has been restricted.”

The only comment on the story from their website:

Good. He doesn’t need to come here when he should be typing up his resignation.

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From the mailbag:

COLUMBUS – Ohio House Democratic Leader Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus) today selected State Representatives Jennifer Garrison (D-Marietta), Dan Dodd (D-Hebron) and Mark Okey (D-Carrollton) – all attorneys – to lead the Caucus’ efforts to explore articles of impeachment against Attorney General Marc Dann.

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