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You’re not going to find me at a Marc Dann Fan Club meeting.  I didn’t support him in the primary in 2006.  I openly wrote that his attorney disciplinary history was a major liability for the general election.  And I made the legal and political case for Marc Dann’s impeachment.  However, today’s blog post by Steve Nash at the Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog is nothing more than tabloid Dann bashing… two years after Dann left the public eye.

For no apparently reason, Steve Nash feels it necessary to report to the public at large that the recently divorced […]

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Wow, this is a horrible lede to a Columbus Dispatch blog post:

Richard Cordray, ever the opportunist, smelled blood.

Of course, this appears to be the words of Marc Dann:

Cordray, a fellow Democrat and the state treasurer at the time, was preparing to take on Dann for his job in the 2010 Democratic primary, Dann said in an interview he granted to investigators April 27 as part of the criminal investigation of the former attorney general. Dann disclosed Cordray’s aspirations while discussing his own political operation, which got Dann into legal trouble.

Dann said he worked […]

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Earlier this week, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray announced a $9 million settlement with AIG for conspiring with rivals to jack up insurance premiums.

The Ohio Republican Party thought they smelled a political winner by claiming that the lawsuit was actually a winner for private lawyers who handled the case after donating money to Cordray’s campaign.

So, being Republicans, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine attacked Cordray by claiming that he and Marc Dann (who had filed the suit) used the suit to reward their campaign donors by steering the work to them.

The Ohio GOP message machine felt […]

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Marc Dann’s New Job

On May 16, 2008 By

The Dayton Daily News has the scoop on Marc Dann’s new job:

On his first day as former attorney general, Dann walked two miles from his home in Liberty Twp. to his new job, helping his wife, Alyssa Lenhoff, run Zesty Dishes.

He took orders, packed dishes and pitched in, according to Mike Harshman, Dann’s long-time friend.

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Watch the rest live.

Update: It looks like Governor Strickland isn’t going to name a replacement yet.

Update: Tom Winters will take over as AG until Ted picks a replacement.


Here’s the video…

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WKSU confirms that Governor Strickland cancelled his visit to Akron today “to deal with the on-going controversy over Attorney General Marc Dann. ”

Though I’m not really sure there is much he can do anymore.

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Dann’s office says he’s out to lunch.

However, it doesn’t appear as though he actually eats lunch. At least not according to his schedule- which lists every appointment as well as travel times between appointments.

According to last week’s schedule, Marc Dann had lots of breakfast meetings – often more than one a day – at the Hyatt and Latitude 41 (no wonder he’s overweight).

He also had a dinner meeting at Haiku.

But no lunch.

Makes you wonder where he really is this afternoon.

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Headline of the week!

About a dozen investigators from the Ohio inspector general’s office showed up at Attorney General’s Marc Dann’s office in the Rhodes Tower in Columbus to begin an independent investigation.

They have already confiscated computer equipment, and State Highway Patrol officers are on the ground floor of the tower checking people’s badges and belongings as they leave. Apparently patrol members are targeting employees of the attorney general’s office for bag searches.

Lt. Jim Wernecke of the patrol confirmed that the patrol is there at the request of the inspector general. He would not comment further.

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No one seems to know what’s going on over at Dann’s office.

This morning his “spokesperson” announced a press conference for noon- adding “Attendance is mandatory”.

It turns out a lot of people showed up only to find that the entire 17th floor of the Rhodes Tower – the location of Dann’s office – was “on lock-down to protect sensitive documents that may be subject to investigation.”

Jesus, Marc. You can’t even RESIGN correctly!

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In an article from this morning’s Dispatch, Rep. Batchelder criticized the articles of impeachment proposed by the Dems yesterday…

Some of the articles, Batchelder said, are weak. He and House Speaker Jon Husted, R-Kettering, pointed specifically to Article V, which says Dann failed to exercise due care to ensure the safety and security of state property.

“Does that mean somebody dropped a dictating machine? I don’t know what that is,” he said. “That’s the kind of thing we don’t want to leave as part of our heritage.”

A dictating machine? Really? Does the state have a lot of […]

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Breaking: Ted Says No Deal

On May 13, 2008 By

I’m hearing Ted just signed the bill to allow the IG to move forward with a special investigation of the AG’s office immediately.

So Ted says no dice.


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