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Timken today announced that it is investing $50 million to expand its operations in Canton.

Slated to begin this year, the investment is for the installation of a new intermediate finishing line at the Gambrinus Steel Plant and expansion of the steel lay-down yard at the Harrison Steel Plant’s small-bar mill.

Timken’s Steel Group has had a significant increase in demand across all markets, and 2010 sales are expected to increase by 70 to 80 percent compared to 2009. “The investments have the goal of both meeting demand and continuing to improve the long-term competitiveness of our operations,” […]

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As Gov. Strickland toured a small employee-owned manufacturing company in Steubenville, the Governor talked about recent successes in Washington against Chinese steel dumping and what its meant for steel manufacturing in Ohio:

Strickland noted that trade policies, including a recent ruling protecting American pipe manufacturers from dumping by the Chinese, led to the $650 million project under way to build a new steel mill near Youngstown, V&M Star Steel. He noted he had testified about the impact of dumping on Ohio mills and manufacturers. Strickland said U.S. Steel plans to announce another $600 million investment in steel facilities […]

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Buying American

On January 6, 2010 By

I haven’t written here for a couple of weeks…I’ve been busy buying my first home! It’s a great 105-year old bungalow in Arlington, VA.

I’m blogging about our efforts to buy appliances, products, fixtures, etc. for the house that are manufactured in the U.S. over at ManufactureThis. I’ll be cross-posting here as well. Please add your recommendations for relevant products made in the U.S. in comments on either site.

Our American-made home

My husband and I just bought our first home! It?s new to us, but was built in 1904. Despite being in great shape for being more […]

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China Cheats and We Lose Jobs

On November 19, 2009 By

I had to skip my second night with the Palin book to attend (and work at) a town hall meeting in Baltimore about U.S. manufacturing policy, or rather, the need for a U.S. manufacturing policy.

I’ve been working on this issue for a while but I finally understood more about why U.S. manufacturing has declined so significantly. I always understood that China was part of the problem, but I just assumed it was because they were winning in the market place: they could make and sell products more cheaply than we could. I thought this was only because they paid […]

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My friends at the Alliance for American Manufacturing directed me to this depressing article on the “Fastest Dying Cities” from Forbes. It says that Youngstown, Canton, Dayton and Cleveland are among the “worst” cities.

Luckily, AAM also linked me to this video about how this destruction of my home state can be reversed:

It looks like the federal government is extending a hand, but where are the companies – and the jobs? The fact that 84% of the stimulus money set aside for investing in clean energy has gone to foreign companies tells me something is […]

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…and they’ll probably buy it hook line and sinker. This ad looks and sounds great.

But like so many other Hillary strategies, the finger that she is trying to point is actually toward a mirror that reflects right back at her. Those jobs lost when Magnaquench moved to China? Happened on hubby Bill’s watch:

In the ad, the candidate notes that President Bush could have stopped the shutdown, but didn’t. Ironically, the initial sale of Magnaquench — to a group of investors that included two Chinese companies — occurred in 1995, when the president was Sen. […]

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