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Some readers have asked for an update on the incessant blowing fan saga regarding my relatively new MacBook Pro. ?Last week, I took it to the Apple store. ?The fan was totally freaking out, the laptop was overheating as a result, and I was close to panic. ?So I did a week’s worth of work ahead of time so I could be without the laptop while it was repaired.

And boy, did it need repair. ?The problem? ?It had taken in so much dust in the 15 or so months I’ve had it, the fans gunked up to the […]

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I’ve now reached the end of my rope. ?My first generation MacBook Pro is wonderful. ?It looks stunning, turns heads in coffee houses, runs well, and I’ve put it through some heavy lifting with tons of video work. ?Tons. ?It has never failed.


The fan simply will not turn off, despite all my attempts to stop it, and despite not running all that hot, ever. ?And this fan is loud. ?It disturbs guests in my apartment. ?I have to turn up the volume on my TV to drown it out. ?It runs when the laptop is open, sometimes […]

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