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We’re hearing the Senate version of the budget is going to include language to sell off the Ohio Lottery to private investors, and it includes a specific date by which that sale has to occur: June 2012.

Because, you know, there’s nothing like a motivated seller and a time sensitive deal to really boost the value and improve our bargaining position. And given that we now have casinos approved and will likely have VLTs, we can expect the offers – and ultimately the final selling price – to be pretty damn low.

It leaves me wondering if this may […]

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Today’s Toledo Blade editorial raised an interesting question about Mary Taylor’s audit of the Ohio Lottery Commission: if it’s doing so well, as her performance audit found, then why should it adopt the strategies of States whose privatized lottery commissions are not run as well as Ohio’s?

State Auditor Mary Taylor’s decision to conduct a performance audit of the Ohio Lottery Commission made some people scratch their heads. Her findings, released this week, may have them tearing out their hair.

[A]lmost everything the audit had to say about the lottery was positive. Yet Ms. Taylor still managed […]

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Keno just passed the Controlling Board- with only 2 no votes (meaning at least two Republicans voted FOR it).

The Lottery Commission now has the green light to go forward unless the GOP-controlled legislature passes a bill stopping it.

Their attempt to attach anti-Keno language to the payday lending bill failed- but they still might try to amend into the capital/corrections bill.

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