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Catching Up

On March 7, 2006 By

Ah, finally back in blog mode. The weekend away was great. Read more about it here if you like.

Just catching up a bit, I notice the Sulzer site is finally up and live. Poking around a bit, I really like the landing page being first with an opportunity to sign up to stay informed. This is a great way to grab email addresses right off the bat. The site is simple with a nice rural midwestern theme. Everything appears pretty easy to find – good work guys!

I want to thank Drew from for […]

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DelaDems Ready To Fight

On February 25, 2006 By

BSB points to a good article in the Dispatch about Delaware Dems gearing up to fight. I’m a soldier in that fight and proud to be on the front lines. We need help, to be sure, and if you are in Delaware County please contact me so we can sign you up.

Some good quotes from both Ed Helvey and Sam Murphy. We are indeed opening up a permanent office in downtown Delaware and we will be fighting. My goal is to get as many young Dems as possible to bring new energy into the party. I’ve […]

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People, Politics, and Lawnmowers

On February 23, 2006 By

Many have said that the ODP had nothing to do with Paul Hackett getting squeezed out of the Senate race. I don’t believe it, and here’s why: The Lawnmower Culture. The actions of national Dems in calling for Paul to get out of the race and clear the way for their establishment darling is evidence of this. The people get excited and grow something ground up – hell YOU grow something from the ground up – and then come along with the party machine and mow it down.

Whether or not the ODP had a hand in the Valentine’s […]

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Chopped Parsley

On January 16, 2006 By

I was hoping this would eventually happen. Overstep enough and you are sure to get cut off at the pass. Many in the Ohio blogosphere are commenting on the local pastors who are accusing two local megachurches of illegal activity. Blammo! A Holy War right here in Ohio? Bring it. BSB has more, as does OH02…among others – just hit Lefty Blogs Ohio.

It is really about time that the voices of reason within the community of faith in this state and across the country stood up against the shenanigans of the religious right. I think there […]

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What Do We Expect?

On January 3, 2006 By

Jack Ricchiuto has a good post that I found via George. Jack argues that we can’t necessarily project our views and desires on our leaders. I gather he may be talking about corporate leadership, or maybe community leadership and not necessarily elected leadership, but my comment was that we are so often sold something that is not what we actually get – which creates the expectation divide. Modern politicians have become professionals in the game of bait and switch (see Bush and Iraq war), which leaves us with little recourse other than to wait for the next game […]

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Syriana Outing

On December 5, 2005 By

I mentioned this at the last Drinking Liberally and got a pretty good response so I’m going ahead with the planning. Syriana is the new film with George Clooney and Matt Damon that deals with oil and Mid-East relations. The idea is to all gather to watch the movie then meet someplace just after that for drinks and chat – it’s a Delaware DL event afterall!

We’re on! Friday night, December 9th at 8:00pm at Marcus Crosswoods. Let’s meet around 7:30pm or so at Panera just next door. Idea would be to view the film and then hit a nearby […]

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Got a call from a local friend and activist to tell me that there was an article out in the latest print edition of The Nation. It talked about America Votes, RON, and things he thought of interest to me. The online version has been up since 11/30 and I missed it, but it is really a good read. I was at the meeting they talk about, and started this blog soon after that, started a chapter of Drinking Liberally soon after that, and am now investigating starting a progressive action group in Delaware County. So maybe there […]

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Local Activism Works!

On December 1, 2005 By

It’s always good to get a win…even if it is small.

It all started with a simple forwarded email really. I got it forwarded from a friend of ours down in Columbus about a meeting of America Votes here in Delaware.

“Delaware? Sweet, I can do that”, I think.

So I go and was surprised to find 30 some people in a room. That led me to work with the organizer Scott Nunnery on setting up more meetings and with me getting more and more active. It’s also the reason I’m blogging, the reason I worked […]

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Delaware City Council Results

On November 9, 2005 By

GARY L MILNER 2,737 20.11%
WINDELL WHEELER 2,207 16.21%
JOSEPH J DIGENOVA 1,963 14.42%
MATTHEW DICK 1,084 7.96%
HARVEY GUIKEMA 1,076 7.90%

Congratulations to Gary Milner, who I thought ran a really good campaign. Gary was out in my neighborhood in force on Saturday looking for voters with kids to support him. His involvement with soccer and his sporting goods store surely put him in contact with that demographic more than most. I saw more Milner signs than almost any others – besides Riggle […]

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Folks, this is the final push on State Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5. The opposition has been running ads, spewing inacurrate talking points, and putting up yard signs.

The time is NOW for YOU to get involved. We need help in Delaware County. Please see this post and contact me if you can help!

Tim over at Grow Ohio has a post about new polling that is interesting. We are behind on issues 4 and 5, BUT he says:

The good news on State Issue Four specifically, is that citizens who have […]

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