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Anderson Township Trustee, Andrew Pappas, is mocking Parkland students and promoting crazy conspiracy theories- even after being given evidence that the conspiracies are false. This is becoming standard behavior for the GOP.

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In today’s Dispatch, under the intentionally inflammatory headline “Unions Get Revenge…” we get a hint of next year’s anti-union rhetoric:

“But amidst all of the concessions and hat-in-hand rhetoric, there was a hint of defiance. Kasich, who opened by congratulating the labor coalition, said local governments should not expect a state bailout to manage their costs.
‘There is no bailout because frankly, there‚Äôs no money,’ Kasich said.”


Kasich’s year-long attack against public employees was two-pronged: Make them vulnerable, and strip away their defenses. Last night, not only did […]

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This is the editorial cartoon accompanying this week’s article in Cleveland’s Call & Post attacking State Senator Nina Turner for her support of county reform Issue 6 instead of the “Old Guard” African-American leadership/union back Issue 5.? Amazingly, the article states:

Lastly, Nina Turner should stop telling the lie that Black leaders have threatened her. When asked by this newspaper who issued such threats, she refused to answer.

Senator Turner didn’t need to answer.? Your column is graphed with a depiction of an accomplished, intelligent, political leader as an ignorant, ebonic speakin’, house slave.? It’s pretty obvious […]

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When I finally got close to the front of the line at my polling place in 2004, a pollworker told me to cover my T-shirt. It had the words “Vote Explosion” on it.

Seeing as I had nothing to cover it with and had just spent 3 hours in line, I politely pointed out that there was no partisanship expressed by the shirt. Vote Explosion was just a loose group of friends registering folks to vote at rock shows. She replied that they were trying to avoid even the slightest possible implication of impropriety.

OK, fair enough. Polling places are supposed to be inner sanctums of nonpartisanhip. Neither voters nor pollworkers may wear political shirts, stickers, or buttons within a 100 foot radius. Although the words “Vote Explosion” aren’t explicitly partisan, neither are the words “Eagle Forum” or “MoveOn.” I think it was a wise move to err on the side of overzealousness, and simply prohibit T-shirts bearing all of the above.

The guy behind me in line loaned me his sweatshirt, and I was able to step forth to express my partisanship in the privacy of the voting booth. As an ongoing tribute of thanks to sweatshirt guy, ever since that day I’ve stowed an extra large, plain T-shirt in my purse whenever I go to vote – just in case a fellow voter is asked to cover up.

Until I read Monday’s Columbus Dispatch, it had never occurred to me that I might someday want to offer my spare shirt to a pollworker.

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The CoC is alive and well here in this red county. Our Sheriff Al Myers – A Republican elected in 1992 to the post – plead guilty to 2 misdemeanors in a plea deal that avoided a felony charges. Al’s a real winner. First he’s embroiled in a discrimination suit in 2005 for wrongful termination of a pregnant deputy who had requested light duty. That one zinged us taxpayers for $150k.

Next he takes a Lexus seized by the county in a drug bust and trades it in at a dealership for a new Trailblazer – for his […]

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The latest round of Anti-abortion legislation passed by Ohio’s General Assembly will end up costing Ohio’s taxpayers billions of dollars.

I find it truly amazing that so many Republicans continue to push the party’s anti-abortion agenda even when it conflicts with the rest of their message.

What happened to fiscal responsibility, lowering the tax burden, and preserving and protecting Ohio’s families?

All of those goals were thrown out the window when they passed this ridiculous piece of […]

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The US House finally, and unanimously (who is gonna vote against THIS one?), voted to stop paying pensions to its members who are convicted of certain relevant felonies (e.g. bribery).

Unfortunately, this doesn’t cover those already convicted representatives like Bob Ney and, I assume, Youngstown’s own flamboyant (i.e. crazy) James Traficant.

Also- the bill passed by the Senate states that the new rules won’t kick in for another two […]

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(Guest blogged by Michael Wood with the Shamansky for Congress campaign)

Before Strickland and the rest of the statewide ticket rolled out to Heath on Saturday, they stopped in Delaware at Bank?s Farmers Market. I had expected low turn out when we pulled off S. Sandusky well before we hit downtown Delaware. I was wrong. It was a packed crowd.

(Bob Shamansky stumping in Delaware)

(Bob Speaks to a crowd at Banks Farm Market in Delaware, OH)

We started off with a speech from State Sen. Marc Dann. ?Had Enough?? He asked. He reminded us that he was […]

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(Guest blogged by Michael Wood of the Shamansky for Congress campaign)

As Plunderbund was unable to make it to the screening this weekend ?An Inconvenient Truth?, he asked me to write about the event.

The Delaware Co. Dems deserve big credit for turning out such a huge crowd. When we came up 15 minutes before the show was to begin, there were already lines of people standing outside in what can only be described as a downpour.

People were standing out in the street waiting to sign up and get literature from the booth.

(Delaware Dems […]

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Please reserve the date and join me and others for a special showing of An Inconvenient Truth.

The Delaware County Democratic Party will present a special showing of Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” at the Strand Theater on July 14, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. Mark your calendars and join us to both view what I’m hearing is the must see movie of the summer and support your local party! Not only that, but you get to do it in the historic Strand Theater in bustling dowtown Delaware! The Strand is truly a great place to watch a film and […]

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(pinned to the top) — Just a quick reminder to anyone who wants to come out and have some pints and talk some lefty politics. Delaware Drinking Liberally will meet at 7:00pm at the Old Bag of Nails. There is a ton of stuff to talk about including the new ODP Victory Squads, the ongoing Delaware County Grassroots Campaign, and the upcoming opening of a permanent home for the Delaware County Democratic Party (I’ve seen the plans and some recent photos and this place is going to be great – right in the heart of downtown Delaware!).

What: Delaware Drinking […]

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