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Ohio Republicans, at the urging of the Petland chain of stores and their lobbyists, are planning to pass a bill that would overturn local ordinances that regulate pet stores and the dog breeders they purchase from. The laws, in effect in communities including Toledo and Grove City, were passed to crack down on the sale of dogs from unethical commercial breeders running puppy mills – facilities where dogs are kept in inhumane and unsanitary conditions and often carry disease or genetic conditions.

Speaker Cliff Rosenberger regurgitates the lobbyists’ talking points explains:

“It’s important that we not look […]

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Okay, looks like I missed a spot in my analysis of the RobsOhio legislation that the Associated Press picked up today.

An apparent loophole in legislation creating Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s new semi-private job-creation board could allow panel members to take job-seeking trips paid for by corporations without having to report them to the public.

The bill establishing JobsOhio requires that only "actual expenditures" on travel, meals or lodging be reported. That phrasing would seem to exclude plane rides, dinners and hotel rooms that companies may offer to Kasich’s economic development team as they seek to bring […]

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Before he had even filed the FEC report due tomorrow, in March, Rob Portman had received more money from D.C. lobbyist than any other Republican running for federal office this year. 

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Rob Portman has done what no other non-incumbent has done—been one of the top recipients of  lobbyist donations running for Congress. 

Let me repeat that.

Rob Portman has accepted more lobbyist money than Speaker Pelosi or John Boehner.

No wonder they call him “Mr. Washington.”

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On the heels of Rove’s stupid comment comes news that John McCain is having a lobbyist hosted $50,000 a plate fundraiser in Cincinnati.

Bill Sloat has the details.

I really hope nobody is seen with a beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette while standing against the wall making snide comments about everyone who passes by.

This much hypocrisy should be illegal.

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Good spot, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication this is from Obama. Sloppy?

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