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Governor Kasich has been saying since SB 5 was introduced that it is necessary to pass collective bargaining reform in order to give local government and school districts the “flexibility” they need to handle their costs, especially since his budget is planning to slash spending for schools and may all but eliminate the State Local Government Fund.  Put aside for a moment that means SB 5 is being presented as a solution to a future budget problem of Governor Kasich’s own making, how far does SB 5 actually go in helping with local governments and schools in managing their costs?


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Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” must be the official campaign theme song for the Strickland-Brown campaign.  Yet, again, Strickland enters to it.

Strickland starts off with former OSU defensive back “Wrong Way” Jim Marshall:

“For four years, we’ve invested in our people.  For four years, we’ve worked to develop jobs that cannot be outsourced.  We’ve moved Ohio for a solid foundation that will support our great middle class.”

“Like Jim Marshall, it doesn’t matter how fast [John Kasich] moves, he wants to move us in the wrong direction.”

Strickland says we made Ohio on of the first in the nation […]

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Live Primary Election Blog Talk Radio show Tuesday night from 10pm-12am.

Guest call-in number: (347) 327-9877 – (877) 503-5037

Listen and chat live here

Join us on primary election night for a special internet radio show live here starting at 10 p.m.

We have a few folks calling in, taking questions about their race, and talking about the general election.? Our guests will include:

Governor Ted Strickland (confirmed) U.S. Democratic Senate candidate/Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (confirmed) Democratic Secretary of State candidate Maryellen O’Shaughnessy (confirmed) Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce (confirmed) Ohio House Majority Whip Jay Goyal (D-73) (confirmed) […]

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MTB Live Blog: Bob Shamansky

On March 16, 2006 By

7:00pm – Russell asks about Iraq. Bob: Gotta fix the government. Blunder got us in…bungle as we’ve been there.

Tim asks about Bob’s background…he starts at birth in 1927 and is going from there – LOL. Funny. Bob talks about his many travels and how it has helped him see things differently. Been to 87 countries!

7:19pm – George asks about his strong economic footing idea on his website. Bob talks about Medicare Part B not being able to buy in bulk. Bob knows…he’s eligible!

7:39pm – Bob talks about how his age relates to the campaign and why […]

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MTB Live Blog: Zack Space

On March 16, 2006 By

OK, liveblogging sucks. I will add stuff if something is exciting…but will be on the shoutbox too.

6:08pm – talking about Iraq war. Zack wants phased pullout, but Iraq and Middle East is critical to our national security. Using arrogance of power will not work. Need a new way of handling Iraq.

6:20pm – talking abortion as it relatest to stem cell research. Zach has a good view. pro-choice, but takes life very seriously…basically respects pro-life views and thinks their energy should be directed toward preventing unwanted pregnancy.

6:30pm – Asked the mfg. job question. Globalization is here to […]

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MTB Live Blog: John Swords

On March 16, 2006 By

John Swords is up first today. Comment or shoutbox your questions.

Campaign site (needs work, yeah):

4:42pm – bio, etc.

Russell – asks about Iraq. delicate situation. need to pull out. sent in on misleading pretenses. out 100% in 4 years….but not immediate.

follow-up: how is training troops different from vietnam? john says iraq more committed to democracy.

Russo asks about his peaceful partition idea. john not that familiar…Tim tells him about it. john agrees the division is happening. john says he supported war in 2003 based on what was given. he trusted the administration…would have voted […]

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Audio of the Hackett speech via OH02:

Quick audio update (late because I forgot xmlrpc is still messed up):

Back from the event and I must say it went really well. A ton of people out already (this is February) for a primary in May! We hung out in the room (photos after the break) and snacked, talked, and introduced each other, then moved into an adjoining room – packed like sardines – to see Paul and hear him talk about the campaign and introduce Trish Lanahan from re:organize, who will be the Columbus area field director. […]

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Not liveblogging, but close. Following are my thoughts as I listened in on the SOU speech tonight. Call it haiku coverage. Blink journalism. Here goes:

Wondering what war hero or mother of a killed infantryman will be present tonight. Always hated that days of our lives strategy.

Opens with King comments…nice. Almost a must, but still a good move. Brings back memories of New Orleans.

Actually pronounced the word rostrum correctly! Sweet George!

Civil tone he wants…LOL. Goodwill and respect for others – gotta love it.

George really needs a better comb…got bed head. Talking about securing peace, […]

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Hackett in Delaware: Live Blogging

On January 18, 2006 By

Just back from the event. I had to leave early due to a doctor’s appointment for my oldest daughter. They were both there and were really funny. They took great joy in clapping along with everyone when Paul would get a point applauded.

I did manage to catch the first question before I left and it was from a local Dem Lee Lybarger. He quoted the Dispatch piece where Hackett went after the religious right. Lee stated he didn’t disagree with him, but what was Hackett’s positive Judeo-Christian message. Paul basically went off, not on Lee, but on the notion […]

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