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Back in May 12, 2010, the Columbus Dispatch reported that John Kasich helped Lehman Brothers pitch its services to two public pensions that wound up losing millions in other investments it had with Lehman Brothers.

“Kasich never approached any other Ohio governmental entity about doing business with Lehman, the campaign said.”

Well, this morning, the Columbus Dispatch has found out that the Kasich campaign lied. 

Although John Kasich’s campaign said earlier this year he only had two contacts with Ohio’s pension systems trying to drum up business for Lehman Brothers, the State Teachers Retirement System now […]

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Earlier today, the Ohio Democratic Party shrewed called on self-declared “Tea Party” Republican John Kasich to declare who he supported in the GOP primary for State Auditor: 1) ORP hand-picked candidate Delaware County Prosecutor David Yost, or 2) Tea Party favorite freshman Ohio House Rep. Seth Morgan.

After all, Kasich created the primary by selecting State Auditor Mary Taylor as his running mate.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Kasich’s spokeman claimed, “Kasich ?hasn?t endorsed candidates in the primaries,? Rob Nichols, Kasich?s spokesman, said in an e-mail.

Um, liar?

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So Rick Santelli is a Liar

On March 1, 2009 By

We all knew he was lying. It was clear from the full context of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ quote which Rick tried to use to say he was being threatened by the Obama administration after his rant against the stimulus bill on CNBC. Funny thing is now he is backing way off the claims that he was threatened. Matt Lauer puts the heat on Santelli and he folds like a cheap tent:

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I Have No Title For This Blog Post

On September 24, 2008 By

I’m speechless, really:

So John McCain cancels Letterman in order to rush back to Washington to save the economy…but instead stops off to get makeup applied by his $5,000 American Idol makeup lady and sits for an interview with Couric. Um. Wow?

Not elitist OR duplicitous!

via Tim at BI and Ab

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I’m not sure how long Brad Mascho (Steve Austria’s campaign manager) has been in politics, but obviously not long enough to know much. The response from the Austria campaign to their dishonorable attack against a genocide refugee is just priceless. Grammatically and substantively. I’ll put the full release in the extended so you can laugh, but this one caught my eye:

It appears she is knowingly willing to ignore the law and court records.

Someone tell me how you unknowingly are willing to do something? English not Brad’s first language? I’m sure Brad would want immigrants (illegal or […]

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Firedoglake petition:

We call upon you, before giving Larry Sinclair a stage from which to speak to the national press, to check the viability of his story. When the facts prove his story false, we request you deny him a place at your podium.

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If you needed any indication of the slime that is going to be tossed in the next few months during the Presidential Election, one need look no further than Jeff Gannon (outed male hooker fake reporter) and Larry Sinclair (lying smear merchant seeking 5 minutes of fame) coming together at the National Press Club. No pun intended.

The National Press Club is going to give this lunatic the stage to do what? Spout his deranged nonsense about Obama having a drug induced homosexual affair? Please.

You will remember back in January we told you about this nut case. […]

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