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From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

In his May 3 e-mail, Kasich spokesman Scott Milburn advised Ohio Public Employees Retirement System executive Carol Drake that it would be “valuable to explain” that Lehman investments included not only Lehman stock and securities but money the firm invested in other companies, such as McDonald’s.

“The media will not get the full picture unless you explain it: not all of this money was lost as a result of the Lehman bankruptcy,” Milburn wrote. Milburn and Drake are both alums of the administration of former GOP Gov. Bob Taft.

Hey, I’ve got a […]

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Very busy, and about to go abroad for a week on work, which means I’ll be totally offline for a bit.? But I’ve been paying attention, and there’s a little something about Ted Strickland’s campaign I need to get off my chest.

There’ve been murmurs here and there, that this whole Lehman Brothers, Fox News line of attack on John Kasich is somehow unwise.? That to attack Kasich on Lehman is…er….lame.? And that to attack Kasich on his association with Fox News is just silly.? And that somehow, it equates to “negative” campaigning.


Kasich worked at Lehman, at a […]

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Make no mistake, folks. The Governor has pepper. Lots of it. It was apparent when we talked to him on primary election night and it’s apparent in this Politico interview. Ted is going to hammer away at John Kasich for the duration.

?If I were John Kasich running against me, I would?ve run as a moderate Republican. He?s running as a Tea Party candidate. Maybe he worked long enough at Fox to become a true believer,?

LOL. True believer. That one got me. Who is John Kasich? Is he a Tea Bagging right-wing ideologue or is he a […]

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