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Rob Portman and John Kasich keep using the factually false statement that Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs since Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher took office.  They’re only exaggerating the figure by some 25,000 jobs.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there’s a reason they continue to use the same figure despite knowing it’s not true.   And it’s not just because 400,000 is larger.  The Ohio Republican Party has a vested political interest in talking down Ohio’s economy.  And as I documented in a recent post, that’s consciously what they’re doing in the hopes that if they keep […]

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Here’s the lede from the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s coverage of today’s bizarre press conference called by the Ohio Republican Party:

Republicans on Tuesday again tried to turn a perceived weak spot of their gubernatorial candidate John Kasich into a moot point.

The idea that the Lehman Brothers attacks have been a dud is pretty much refuted now by the fact that Kasich first ad was not a general introductory ad to voters, or even an attack ad against Strickland, but a misleading downplaying of his role at Lehman Brothers and now an ORP press conference attacking […]

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Wow, Kasich’s statement in the Cleveland Plain Dealer all but puts the final nail in the coffin that is Kasich’s reckless income tax repeal plan:

Kasich said the state’s top personal income tax bracket – through which many small businesses pay taxes – was too high but didn’t offer specifics on how to address it.

“There is no doubt that we need to lower these taxes because it make us less competitive,” he said.

We’ve gone from a total repeal of the Ohio income tax code to trying to figure out a way to cut taxes for the […]

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When I watch John Kasich, one word comes to mind: humble.  Kasich points out that he’s running for Governor because he wants to give back his talents to Ohio after being a successful businessman of a two-man office of a company that lead into the world’s largest bankruptcy.  It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s unemployed and is the only conservative who can’t get ratings on Fox News.

Kasich also wants you to know that he thinks Strickland’s Centers of Innovation is a great idea as well as Strickland’s idea of getting universities to do more […]

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Back in May 12, 2010, the Columbus Dispatch reported that John Kasich helped Lehman Brothers pitch its services to two public pensions that wound up losing millions in other investments it had with Lehman Brothers.

“Kasich never approached any other Ohio governmental entity about doing business with Lehman, the campaign said.”

Well, this morning, the Columbus Dispatch has found out that the Kasich campaign lied. 

Although John Kasich’s campaign said earlier this year he only had two contacts with Ohio’s pension systems trying to drum up business for Lehman Brothers, the State Teachers Retirement System now […]

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The Strickland campaign announced that tomorrow afternoon they will “reveal new information obtained from public record requests about Congressman Kasich’s role in pitching Ohio state pensions while he was a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers.”

We learned back in May that Kasich lobbied two state pensions on behalf of Lehman Brothers:

Rob Nichols, a Kasich campaign spokesman, said in the statement. “At the request of a New York-based colleague, he was glad to help arrange two introductory meetings, and then his colleagues took things from there.”

Kasich then claimed that he only helped arrange the presentations, […]

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So, John Kasich’s first television ad is a pathetic attempt to downplay his role in Lehman Brothers.  But this presents a weird double-standard for Kasich.  On one hand, he likes to pretend he was barely above the janitor that cleaned out CEO Fuld’s shredded documents at night (even though Kasich was paid in half a million in bonuses alone), but then Kasich says Ohioans need him because he was a “successful business leader” who creates jobs?

Which is it?  Was Kasich a major business figure who created jobs nationwide, or was he just some poor schlep who tried to avoid […]

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For some reason, this ad has trouble loading from Kasich’s Youtube channel.

First, let me just say this ad is not good.  Kasich looks angry, talks too fast, and it makes him sound defensive.  I don’t understand why Kasich would be talking about Lehman Brothers unless his internal polling has shown what other independent polling (Quinnipiac and PPP) has shown that it’s substantially hurt his favorability ratings which will make it harder for him to move ahead in the polls.

Kasich’s campaign manager tries to put some amazing spin about this ad on the campaign’s blog:

John […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog reports that John Kasich is starting to whittle down his warchest even faster with its first television ad buy.  The story includes this “I can’t believe we’d be this possibly lucky” preview:

Among other things, the ad, according to a source, could offer a defense of Kasich’s time as a managing director of Lehman Brothers, the failed Wall Street investment firm.

I’m not really going on a limb here.  We pretty much already know what Kasich’s response on everything Lehman Brothers is based on his press statements and stump speech on the issue.

Announcing […]

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Lamenting that reforming Wall Street in the midst of the Lehman Brothers recession as using a nuclear weapon on an ant is as politically tone deaf and stupid as…. oh, I dunno…..

having the shadow chairman of the House Energy Committee, the face of the GOP on federal energy matters, apologizing to an oil company for being forced to set aside money to pay to victims of the biggest environmental disaster in our nation’s history (and perhaps the world?)….

or acting indifferent to whether LeBron stays in Cleveland while running for Ohio Governor?

Not to be left out, House Minority […]

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It seems that the PERS office is in full damage control mode from a public relations standpoint.  They’ve now publicly declared “Ohio Public Employees Retirement System Chief Executive Chris DeRose said today that advice offered via e-mail by a campaign operative for Republican candidate John Kasich to a pension executive was neither solicited nor followed.”

But the statement by PERS’ Chief Executive doesn’t in there.  It then states,   “[Kasich’s campaign spokeman’s e-mail] offered suggestions on explaining the losses to reporters.”

Kasich’s campaign contacted ex-Taft aides working within the highest levels of the state pension funds and pushed them […]

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