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The first time it was in his own back yard in Shaker Hts.? Now, it’s as our nominee for US Senate.?? Awesome.

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This is what Lee Fisher poll tested, rolled out, and attacked Jennifer Brunner over.

Day after day, we’d be reaching a very small but very vocal group of voters who were classified in ODP’s VoteBuilder as Democrats. The most interesting exchange occurred when the candidate was verbally assaulted, simply for identifying herself as a Democratic candidate. “Get the hell off my porch you socialist,” shouted one female voter. When the candidate’s husband took pen to clipboard to make a note to remove that house from our list, the woman pushed closer to both of them. “What the hell are […]

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Lee Fisher really has simply become a Republican.? He’s parroting Republican lines, using Republican tactics, getting Republican Pavlovian dogs in the MSM to parrot them, and doing it so successfully, he’s got Republicans themselves repeating them….repeatedly.

You know what, Lee?? You’re gonna lose this primary by a lot more than I thought.? People have been asking me lately, Tim, what are you gonna do if Lee Fisher wins?? My honest answer is that I won’t have that problem.

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Looks like Lee Fisher is now going negative nationally on Jennifer Brunner.? Hey Rachel, you really ought to read blogs in Ohio who cover this sort of thing, you know, more than you, before you decide to roll over and play dead for Lee Fisher.

Whoever is feeding this thing from Lee Fisher to every media outlet on the planet is probably this minute in an editing suite cutting the ad.

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Who knows if the PD or Steve Koff got embarrassed by the obviousness of their Leebagging, but in today’s print edition, the headline is very different from the headline which was so perfectly Leebagged even Naugle and Keeling slurped it up like spoo dripping off a scrotum.

I often wonder just how stupid MSM reporters really are. ? I mean, yeah, I’m pretty hard on them anyway, but this episode, in which Steve Koff rented out his laptop so blatantly to the Fisher campaign, reveals such a level of blissful stupidity you’d think Steve Koff is […]

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Hi Jennifer.? Hope things are going well.? Heard you got a really cool campaign bus – awesome!? I want to take a ride on it someday.?? Anyway, let’s get right to the matter at hand.

Your opponent, Lee Fisher, apparently has become a Republican.? I know, weird, ain’t it?? He’s got the Ohio GOP doing backflips of glee, right wing bloggers are suddenly very proud of Lee Fisher, he’s even got the DSCC jumping when Kevin Dewine says “jump”. Lee Fisher is teabaggging so much these days, I’d start calling his supporters “Leebaggers”, except I can’t really find […]

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