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Originally posted February 10, 2009.? If it sounds familiar, now you know why.

As Lee Fisher prepares to anesthetize the entire state of Oh?.er?.I mean run for US Senate in 2010, there does need to be a word of caution to those who may be on his staff for this experiment in curing insomn?.er?.I mean, senate campaign.

Now, like all campaign war stories, you have to take it with a grain of salt, but I?ve now heard this story so many times, from so many people, that I believe it to be true. ?In 2006, shortly after Lee was […]

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This has to be game over for Jennifer Brunner. ?Joining the courageous paid staff of Lee Fisher, including consultant Alan Melamed, campaign manager Geri Prado, even Lee’s own driver, and most courageous of all, Lee Fisher’s campaign consulting firm’s top partner David Plouffe – is the actual currency in Lee Fisher’s bank account. ?Every penny has endorsed Lee Fisher for US Senate.

“I’m gratified beyond words,” said Lee Fisher, standing in his campaign office surrounded by dollar bills applauding in unison. ?”I know how hard it is to put your money where your mouth is,” said […]

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The incredible flood of Lee Fisher staff endorsing Lee Fisher got probably the biggest “get” of all time. ?Lee’s own driver.

“I’m not the first driver for Lee Fisher, won’t be the last, but I’m probably the first Lee Fisher driver to endorse Lee Fisher, ever”, said the driver who requested anonymity. ?”Yes, Lee is the meanest person I’ve ever met, but when I saw David Plouffe make the brave move of endorsing his own client, I simply had to follow my heart. ?Even though I get paid next to nothing.”

More to come.

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