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It’s starting to be said among the glitterati of our party that Lee Fisher’s presence on this statewide ticket, as was predicted ad nauseum for a solid year, is bringing down the ticket as a whole.  That was going to be a problem if Lee was Mr. Money Bags, whose only argument for nomination was his fundraising prowess.  But when your US Senate candidate is out of money, unable to air TV spots, while his opponent is running spots non-stop statewide – bigger deal.  Kind of a multiplier effect against the rest of the ticket, which in Lee’s case, multiplies […]

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Begins…..right……now.  Two weeks to go!

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Suffolk University out of Boston polled the Ohio Statewide races as well as some other issues.  I guess it’s a testament to the important of Ohio to the national political scene that we have so many out-of-state, East Coast universities who poll Ohio fairly regularly like Quinnipiac.

Anyway, the poll of 500 likely voters had some expected, and unexpected results.

The Expected

Guess which polling outfit has shown the closest margin in the Senate race?  Well, this poll comes close but it’s still shows a double-digit lead as opposed to the last Rasmussen poll which is the only […]

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Begging to differ, Anthony

On October 4, 2010 By

Anthony at ODB, on Rob Portman.

If this guy has the next two years to help dismantle health care, Wall Street reform, and everything else we’ve worked on, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves when we lose everything from the top down.

I’ll have plenty to say about that after the election.

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Are you ready for some DEBATES?

All my rowdy friends are comin’ over tonight…

(Yes, I’m mixing up the two theme songs…)

Ohio Senate Debate- Toledo

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John Kasich and Rob Portman aren’t just running a campaign on jobs and the economy.  But very specificially, they’re claiming that Ohio’s economic woes are because despite 16 years of all Republican rule in the State of Ohio before Governor Strickland took office, Ohio is such a horrible taxing and regulatory environment that businesses just cannot succeed here and have been engaged in a mass migration out of the State. 

Remember this Rob Portman ad?

OMG!  Look at those fleeing arrows out of Ohio!  We’ve lost nearly 400,000 while setting a record of mass business migration out […]

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Kasich began the week with a new ad on education—something that seemed incredibly off-message on a campaign that has said it is focused exclusively on jobs and on an issue that Democrats traditionally win.  Kasich has not  announced any concrete plan for education, which made the decision to do an ad on education even more bizarre.  That, including with Kasich’s comments about scrapping Gov. Strickland’s evidence-based model, lead to a week of headlines across Ohio that Kasich’s education plan would result in higher property taxes across the State.  Not exactly the kind of headlines the Kasich campaign was hoping […]

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(First, I don’t know why my photos turned out so dark.  Sorry.)

On Thursday, the Fisher campaign announced a rally with President Bill Clinton for Sunday evening in Cincinnati—which is considered to be Rob Portman’s base.  By Sunday, they had packed house that had to resort to having overflow seating and speakers placed outside the venue.

The event started with Hamilton County Commissioner candidate Jim Tarbell playing the “Star-Spangled Banner” rockin’ it on the harmonica.  Complete with Jimi Hendrix riffs.  No, I’m serious.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory entered like a rock star.  And I don’t mean that figuratively.  It […]

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Portman is the embodiment of the Bush’s trade and budget record, even Fox News gets it and gets it’s a relevant political liability for Portman.

They call the race a tossup, and note that the most fired up part of the GOP base, the Tea Party movement, isn’t exactly embracing Portman as a candidate.

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Some days, I really don’t even think Matt Naugle believes what he writes.

Today, Matt Naugle accuses the Fisher campaign of being racist for….

….using Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.

Matt’s right.  The Fisher campaign should have used non-Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.  How dare they!

[UPDATED:] Matt goes all in crazy.  Equates the Fisher ad to Willie Horton.

Naugle’s entire post is that featuring any one of any race other than a white person must be racist.

He honestly doesn’t think that Fisher’s use is no different than the Bush […]

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The Washington Post’s Ezra Kline wrote about Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ (who is absolutely, in no way, contemplating a ‘12 GOP Presidential campaign; he’s just trying to be helpful) recently announced plan for stimulating the economy nationally:

From my reporting, the problem wouldn’t be in the White House. It would be in Congress. I’ve asked a number of Republican offices whether they’d be willing to work with the Democrats on a payroll-tax holiday. Without fail, they’ve told me no, that they no longer support a payroll-tax holiday given the size of the deficit.

Hey, what’s the centerpiece […]

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