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What happened to Jennifer Brunner?  What happened to the make-no-apologies progressive candidate who was all about “courage?”

At the end of July, Brunner was at the Columbus Athletic Club nodding in agreement to a speech by Governor John Kasich.   She was all too happy to explain her seemingly agreement to Kasich’s speech:

“Not everyone agrees with those changes, but he’s making an effort. You can tell that he cares.” . . .  Kasich is “dedicated to reforming Ohio,” Brunner said.

After many of her followers on her Facebook page asked her what the blue blazes she was doing, […]

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Another achievement John Kasich has listed in his 100 days of achievements is keeping Goodyear from moving to another State:

Keeping Ohio Companies in Ohio—American Greetings, Bob Evans, Diebold and Goodyear saving more than 5,500 jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue are saved.

And for once, Kasich is talking about a company that was seriously considering leaving Ohio and had multiple economic development offers to lure it away. And it’s also true that if it were not for the efforts of the Ohio Department of Development and local officials, Goodyear might have left.

The problem for Kasich is this all occurred in 2007, not 2011.

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Anastasia thinks so.

He’s got baggage. He’s coated with toxins left over from this year’s Democratic Senate primary, and he should not be pooh-poohing this as unimportant. It killed Ted Strickland’s political career and it could kill his.

Unfortunately, right before the May 2 primary election, Brown released a statement smearing Jennifer Brunner by telling a lie about her: that she had run a negative primary campaign.

This was especially outraging to many grassroots activists because Lee Fisher HAD been running a negative campaign. In the several weeks prior to Sherrod’s statement….

I’m not sure this will stick that […]

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In the last few years, I’ve really warmed to Ted Strickland, like everyone does.  I’m really saddened by his defeat, and I wish him and Frances nothing but the best.  However, Ted has to be handed some serious responsibility for his loss, and consequently, the loss of every statewide office in the state.  So what’s that responsibility?

Ted ran a great campaign, no doubt, in an impossible environment.  You can quibble with a few decisions here and there, but overall, it was beyond professional – any statewide candidate, anywhere, would kill to have that operation.  The problem, as has always […]

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So what of Chris Redfern?

On November 4, 2010 By

I’ve gotten some pretty substantial blow back over my phone call yesterday with ODP Chairman Chris Redfern.  I mean, guys, gimme a break, I just reported the call!

It is news that Chris Redfern’s only call to an Ohio blogger yesterday was me.  Well, the phone call yesterday was spin.  It wasn’t a scoop.  I just reported the spin, which suggests Redfern is terrified of losing his job.  He should be, given the result.

The ODP operation in 2010 was probably the best mid-term grassroots effort I’ve ever seen in Ohio.  It failed.  Is it fair to blame Redfern […]

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Barack Obama and Ohio in 2012

On November 3, 2010 By

In 1994, as a field staffer in Cuyahoga County, the day after the election was so depressing, all I wanted to do was see Bill Clinton on the TV.  It was a strange, helpless feeling.  Today, I kinda had the same feeling when Barack Obama came out to the East Room for a press conference after taking, in his words, “a shellacking”.

When Clinton held the same press conference in 1994, Democrats had lost both the House and Senate.  In Ohio, it was our Rob Burch year, when ODP nearly lost major party status because Burch’s 25% was so catastrophic.  […]

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Looks like ya’ll are gonna lose more than Lee’s state business, don’t it.

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First things first.  I’m terrible at predicting election results, not gonna deny it.  “If Jennifer Brunner files, she wins,” is a line I must have written a dozen times leading up to the US Senate primary.  I was wrong.  I was banking on Jennifer catching fire online, and she didn’t. One good week of online fundraising might have won her the primary.

Failing to do so is the Brunner campaign’s biggest self-inflicted wound – they left a lot of money on the table, and let a lot of us down.   I still have no good answer for this […]

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We’re entering Rob Burch futility here.  It’s worth transcribing, with asides in parentheses, to show just how polar opposite this ad is to Lee’s entire rationale for being our nominee for US Senate instead of Jennifer Brunner.

I’m Lee Fisher.  Pay very close attention to this ad, cuz you’re not gonna see it too many times. (This is your first ad in the entire general election, Lee.  I’m paying real close attention.)

My campaign just doesn’t have millions of dollars to run lots of ads (Why not?  You said you would.  It was your entire primary campaign.), no scary […]

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If any of us really thought Lee Fisher would just go quietly into that good night after pulling a TaftQuack level catastrophic statewide loss, here’s your answer. I’m not sure what’s more pitiful, Lee’s campaign now, or the next one he’s trying to buy instead, four years from now.

We’ll have plenty more on this next week.  Plenty.

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