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The white flash mob that turned out for Herr Trumpf’s rally in Tampa with vulgarities and fist-waving threats to the media was in brutal contrast to a friendlier moment the day before as superstar LeBron James hosted the opening of his Foundation’s grade school in Akron.

In Florida the cheers went out for a president, having now downed his quart of Muscle Milk and executed his defiant game face with tight lip-synced push- button grins, rose in the grandeur of his chilling opera.

In James’  hometown of Akron, where he entered the real world without the benefit of a $1 […]

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When I was 8 years old I watched Brian Sipe throw an interception pass that ended the Cleveland Brown’s chances of winning the AFC championship.

I spent the next three years waiting for “Super Joe” Charbonneau to help the Indians break a then-20 year slump.

By the time I was 12, Charbonneau had thrown out his back and left baseball and Sipe had disappeared into Donald Trump’s USFL never to be heard from again.

As a 6th grader I started to believe that Cleveland sports teams would never, ever be successful in my lifetime. And so far, […]

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I was planning to be in a comatose state of mourning for about a week after last night’s Lebron James decision, but then Dan Gilbert has to open his mouth.  As a candidate running to represent the region of downtown Cleveland where Gilbert’s Lebron-less businesses will sit, including his constitutionally enshrined right to run his own currency mint…er…I mean casino, I have something to say to Mr. Gilbert, who isn’t even from Cleveland.

Shut up, and go sit on a beach somewhere for about a month.  You need a vacation.  You failed to keep the best basketball player of […]

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At least for me.  I wrote almost two years ago that Lebron’s arrival in Cleveland was a bigger deal for me than most.  Whatever happens tonight, that’s not gonna change.  It has been a privilege to be able to watch this man play basketball in my home team’s colors, and I won’t ever watch another athlete of this stature, as regularly, for as long as I live, in any sport, let alone in my hometown.

If Lebron does leave tonight, I’ll be in mourning for a while.  A good long while.  But this Cavs fan will be thanking Lebron […]

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Matt Naugle rushes to declare, even before LeBron’s announcement, that Ted Strickland “loves the income tax” more than the Cavs.

What will liberals think of LeBron James for skirting his civic responsibility by leaving Cleveland? Doesn’t he know that Cuyahoga County, with some of the highest property taxes anywhere, along with one of the worst tax climates in the country, we need him here to pay for state services?

Actually, Naugle cites a CNBC story that uses numbers from the conservative anti-progressive tax “think” tank, the Tax Foundation, that claims that when you factor in the income tax […]

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The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c John Kasich Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Fox News

(Start at 1:10, ends at 2:15, can’t figure out how to splice it for you, sorry)

Colbert: No gay marriage… (Kasich laughs)  Right?  You’re from Ohio, made a big difference in the election in 2004, right?

Kasich:  […]

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I’ve always argued that blogging is, in fact, work, and now I know that’s true, because when you have other work to do, you don’t blog.  But I’ve been paying attention, have a brief interlude in which to blog, and I have a pronouncement to make about John Kasich’s campaign.

The Kasich campaign is a total joke. It’s approaching Ken Blackwell territory, and it’s not even July 4 yet.  Chris Redfern probably can’t believe his luck – Kasich was a flawed candidate to begin with, and now, after about two solid weeks of self immolation, Kasich has given ODP all […]

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So I’ve been watching every single game of Lebron James’ 6 year NBA career, and the entire time, trying to explain to people who don’t watch every Cavs game just what is going on.? None of them get it until, inevitably, this time of year, I start getting the texts and phone calls, because now, everyone is watching.? “Wow”.? “Holy shit”.? “who does that?!?!”? Etc.

Since Lebron entered the league, I have been trying to convey that there has never been an athlete like Lebron James, in any sport, let alone basketball.? I’m now confident saying that Lebron James is […]

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Writing about sports on this blog is frought with peril, given the conflicting loyalties among us. ?However, given that the Cavs are the only NBA team in Ohio, Pittsburgh doesn’t have one, and neither does Kentucky, I think I’m on safe ground here. ?Plus, the Cavs look to have turned a corner. ?They jumped to the top spot in ESPN’s Power Rankings, thus.

Sometimes we get it wrong and this is one of those times. Ever since we saw the Cavs lose to the Dirk-less Mavs in person and suggested they wouldn’t go higher than No. 4 in the […]

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Yes. That’s right. Tim won’t talk about it even though he talks about everything else Lebron related including his seemingly inexplicable silence on the WTAM Beck/Limbaugh catastrophe or why he and Shaq should buy The Lancer.

Somehow this one slipped him by:

At the mere mention of John Wall’s name, LeBron James’ eyes soften as he tries to swallow a knowing smile.

“Yeah, I have a relationship with him,” James said. “A really good relationship. With not only John, but his family. We talk all the time.”

The Great Wall of Kentucky. See greatness. Know […]

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As with all tragedy, there is opportunity.? The destruction by fire of one of Cleveland’s most treasured African American institutions is yielding a lot of declarations of support.? But in a city that has been careening downhill for decades, there is precious little money to bring the Lancer back to life.

Hmmm….now who in town has a lot of money?? I wonder…….

If I were Lebron James or Shaquille O’Neal, I’d be considering an investment in not only the history of Cleveland’s African American community, but in their own legacy, via the rebirth of The Lancer.? Who wouldn’t applaud that?

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