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National: Healthcare [Cuts] For All

The GOP is preparing to repeal portions of the law funding Obamacare as early as January 3rd, but do not have a plan in place to replace it. Experts are warning that a January move to eliminate funding for subsidies and cost-sharing will leave consumers unable to purchase plans, drive up insurance costs and chase carriers from the marketplace. These impacts will be portrayed by Republicans as “proving” Obamacare was a failure, and set the stage for whatever replacement they land on. It’s a politically precarious move based on a cynical plan to deceive […]

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This post comes to us from Innovation Ohio, where it was originally published.

Take Action Now: contact your State Representative today to oppose SB331

Today, the Ohio House is moving a bill that radically undermines the notion of local control and ties the hands of communities to set standards for the treatment of workers.

Enshrined into the constitution is a strong commitment to local control, or “home rule”:

Municipalities shall have authority to exercise all powers of local self-government and to adopt and enforce within their limits such local police, sanitary and other similar regulations, as are not in conflict with […]

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CodeWeavers will give away its software products if Bush accomplishes any of his goals during the remainder of his presidency. Sounds like a fair deal – and brilliant on several levels. Here’s the challenge:

The CodeWeavers Lame Duck Presidential Challenge will make its software products downloadable for free to all Americans for 24 hours at if President Bush accomplishes at least one of the following goals:

Here are the goals:

CodeWeavers has selected an initial platform of five Lame Duck Goals. All of these represent what we think should be attainable, positive goals for the United States.


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