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Never let a political campaign serve as a fact-checker, especially one that lacks any transparency about who is funding it.

And especially when it apparently is so laughably wrong because what they claim is “truth” about a piece of legislation is refuted… by the same organization responsible for drafting the legislation at issue.

Today, the Ohio Ballot Board accepted the official arguments for/against the issues on the Statewide ballot.  For the most part, the Ballot Board has no control over the arguments.  So Jason Mauk, the spokesman for the “Building a Better Ohio” campaign rushed a press release […]

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State Representative Jim Butler was appointed earlier this year to the Ohio House to replace State Senator Peggy Lehrer, who was appointed to replace State Senator Jon Husted, who still had two years left in his term when he was elected Secretary of State.

Jim Butler also just happens to be someone I got to know in law school really well, so forgive me if I appear to pull my punches.  But this is hard to pass up. 

From the Dayton Daily News:

State Rep. Jim Butler, R-Oakwood, said his plan would create secure facilities […]

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Labor has already won.

Thanks to John Kasich, the pro-SB 5 campaign cannot credibly say that SB 5 contains nothing but necessary reforms for Ohio.  Thanks to John Kasich, they can’t say the opposition to SB 5 is based entirely on “lies” by union bosses.

And thanks to John Kasich, the GOP is splintering before our very eyes.  Yes, I realize we saw the leader of the House and Senate stand with Kasich.  But think about this for a moment.

Let’s say you’re a Lynn Wachmann or John Adams true believer in SB 5 type.  You know, a crazy person  […]

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Earlier today, I received a call from Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern.  He told me on Monday Columbus Dispatch reporter Joe Vardon who reported on the “SB 5 compromise” story on Tuesday called him to ask him to respond to rumors that Kasich had reached out to Redfern at the Ohio Democratic Party about reaching a deal on Senate Bill 5.

M.E.: “And after you regained consciousness from laughing all the air out of your lungs, what did you tell him.”

An animated Redfern said it was categorically untrue that anyone had reached out to the Ohio Democratic Party […]

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If you’ve followed the Dispatch (or this site) this week, you’ve no doubt seen the recent drumbeat at just how regrettable it is that labor won’t sit down and try to work out a compromise on Senate Bill 5.  I’ve called it a totally manufactured story by the Columbus Dispatch.  A story designed to present Kasich as willing to compromise but labor as unbending.  It turns out, I wasn’t too far off.

Here’s the timeline of how this all became public, as told by the Dispatch yesterday:

On Sunday, a Dispatch editorial called for proponents and opponents […]

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Kasich The Beggar

On August 9, 2011 By

In an effort to lay the groundwork that somehow the “We Are Ohio” campaign, and not John Kasich, has been unreasonable on SB 5, the Dispatch continues with its myth that Governor John Kasich suddenly wants to compromise on SB 5 in order to avoid an Issue 2 campaign.

Note that this story doesn’t name a single source.

Yesterday, sources told Dispatch reporters that informal discussions between two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5 and representatives from the Ohio Education Association and the AFL-CIO took place about six weeks ago, but labor backed away.

We’ve never […]

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If you need any further evidence that supporters of Senate Bill 5 are  becoming increasingly convinced that it will be repealed this November, enter today’s laughable editorial in the Columbus Dispatch (“Meet in the middle”)

We’ve heard this tune before.  We wrote about it back in June when Plain Dealer Kasich apologist Brent Larkin wrote the same thing.  If public polling didn’t show that 56% of Ohioans support repealing the bill, you wouldn’t see this nonsense coming out. 

But at least Brent Larkin admitted that it was Kasich’s heavy handed approach that doomed SB 5 […]

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In today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine states he knows the key for his party to win in Ohio next year… it’s hoping that the entire State gets collective amensia on one of Governor Kasich’s signature legislative achievements this year:

The GOP leader said he doubts anyone will be talking about Senate Bill 5 come November 2012.

“What we do know is that for 90 percent of the people, the economy is the number one issue and in November 2012 no one is going to be talking about Senate Bill 5,” DeWine said. “And Barack […]

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Earlier today, Secretary of State Jon Husted informed the “We Are Ohio” campaign that his office has officially certified that they collected the sufficient number of valid signatures to place SB 5 on a repeal ballot this November.

Here’s a copy of Secretary of State Jon Husted’s letter.

And here’s a chart from Husted’s office showing a county by county breakdown.  In order to get it on the ballot they had to get over 231,150 signatures with the signatures coming from the equivalent of at least 3% of the votes cast in the 2010 gubernatorial election in […]

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We owe it to our readers to tell you the truth, even if it spoils the fun for our ideological allies. I’ll admit when we uncovered this we thought about not writing about it because we love an elaborate prank just like the next guy, and this story reveals the most elaborate, sophisticate political astroturfing prank in Ohio history since Kasich Deputy Press Secretary crowned himself one of “Ohio’s top bloggers” all the time he was writing from Virginia on the Ohio Republican Party’s payroll.

Here it is:  Building a Better Ohio, the campaign committee we all thought was a […]

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In 2006, nearly 57% of Ohio voters passed a constitutional amendment to guarantee a minimum wage law in this State that was automatically tied to inflation.  It was an election in which 53% of all registered voters in Ohio voted.

Fast forward to 2010, John Kasich is elected with roughly 49% of the vote in an election in which 49% of all register voters in Ohio voted.

Here is what the voters of Ohio enshrined in the State’s constitution in 2006 with a sizeable majority of the vote (Art. II, Sec. 34a of the […]

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