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Last year, Republican State Representative Barbara Sears introduced a bill (HB394) aimed at making Ohio’s Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund solvent again after it took a beating during the recession.  The bill was an extreme, right wing, anti-worker wish list, written with the help of business groups and without input from labor

HB394 dramatically reduced the length of time a worker collects benefits while unemployed, eliminated bonus pay for workers with dependents, added mandatory drug testing for unemployed workers, all while leaving employers paying the same as they have been since 1995, only instituting a modest increase if a downturn drains the trust fund.

Hearings for HB394 […]

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Democratic State Senator Kenny Yuko, who represents the 25th District and is the primary sponsor of SB 25, talked Tuesday about his bill to increase Ohio’s minimum wage shortly after House Republican leadership presented highlights of a substitute budget bill, HB 64, that veers sharply away from the record-setting executive budget presented by Gov. John Kasich. The bill has many highlights, one of which is that it reduces the governor’s historic-high budget bill by $775 million.

GOP’s Ryan: Market Responsible For Boosting Wages And Benefits

GOP leadership said Sub. H.B. 64 cuts taxes, ensures state […]

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In today’s Dispatch, under the intentionally inflammatory headline “Unions Get Revenge…” we get a hint of next year’s anti-union rhetoric:

“But amidst all of the concessions and hat-in-hand rhetoric, there was a hint of defiance. Kasich, who opened by congratulating the labor coalition, said local governments should not expect a state bailout to manage their costs.
‘There is no bailout because frankly, there’s no money,’ Kasich said.”


Kasich’s year-long attack against public employees was two-pronged: Make them vulnerable, and strip away their defenses. Last night, not only did […]

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It really shouldn’t be called that at all.

Yesterday, we said that to the extent the latest “We Are Ohio” ad implies the loophole would be repealed, that is misleading.  We then discussed the very provisions this ad rests on and said:

Anyone who claims that state public employee unions oppose Issue 2 because they oppose these limits is lying, plain and simple. 

Nothing has changed since yesterday.  This ad claims that these provisions will save “Ohio taxpayers money.”  To the extent that suggests it will save the people who pay State taxes money.  This is a blatant lie.  […]

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Apparently, Building a Better Ohio will accept an endorsement from anyone, so long as their job allows them to wear an uniform.  Today, the Building a Better Ohio campaign apparently found it newsworthy to note that it has gotten the endorsement of Hamilton County Sheriff Si Leis (R).  Except Leis didn’t wear his uniform for the event.  Si Leis used to be a county prosecutor back in the 1970s.   You might recall him being played by James Carville in The People v. Larry Flynt.  Leis prosecuted Flynt on obscenity charges over Hustler magazine only to have some hippie appellate court […]

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The second ad from We Are Ohio that largely focuses on our Senate staffer raises story:

The ad very carefully uses the phrase “exploits” a loophole.  But what the ad omits is that the loophole they refer to is one that was not created by SB 5, and thus, will still exist if Issue 2 fails.  For your convenience, here’s a copy of the relevant portion of SB 5 referenced in the bill (revising R.C. 124.14(B):

But as shown from this provision of SB 5, this loophole existed before SB 5 was […]

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You know how sometimes magazines will do photo shoots of celebrities without makeup just so people know what they are like unfiltered.

Today, we saw what happens when Governor Kasich is lacking most of his key staffers because they’re too busy to working for the Build a Better Ohio campaign, and it ain’t pretty folks:

Speaking to about 250 people at an event hosted by the Harvard Business School Club of Northeast Ohio and the Association for Corporate Growth, Kasich said, "if this bill doesn’t pass, don’t be surprised if you see card check."

The Dispatch had […]

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The Columbus Dispatch beat us to the punch (darn you, Joe Vardon).  The Republican Governors Association is running ads under the committee name “Make Ohio Great” that will promote Kasich’s agenda.

Mike Schrimpf, a spokesman for the RGA, said in an email to The Dispatch last night that Make Ohio Great is “connected to the RGA and was formed to support all of Gov. Kasich’s agenda.”

“In fact, when you watch the first ad … you’ll see that SB 5 isn’t even mentioned,” Schrimpf said.

Media buys for both Building a Better Ohio and Make Ohio Great were made […]

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Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I wanted to see what Governor Kasich had to say about Labor Day today, so I went to the Governor’s website to see if he had issued a resolution.

This is what I got instead:

Poor server couldn’t handle the file name. Kasich—- Labor Day Resolution…. Does… Not…. Compute…. ERROR! ERROR!

Funny thing is, I’ve got the feeling the people of Ohio come November will reach the same conclusion on Issue 2, that SB 5 is damaged and could not repaired.  Vote No on Issue 2!

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Normally, we don’t republish press releases verbatim here.  Then again, normally it’s not every day the Fraternal Order of Police issues a press release in response to something we originally wrote

August 30, 2011
Jay McDonald, President


COLUMBUS — The Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio (FOP) today expressed disappointment that some supporters of Issue 2 and Senate Bill 5 are claiming that the complete layoff of the Mt. Sterling, Ohio police department was a positive development for citizens there […]

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Building a Better Ohio’s entire campaign strategy seems to be essentially yelling “Liar, liar, liar” at the opponents of SB 5 between now and election day, as if opposition to SB 5 was based on a foundation of lies.  This, of course, would be more effective if, you know, Building a Better Ohio would stop lying about SB 5.

Take today’s argument by the pro-SB 5 campaign called “Reforms will Protect Ohio’s protectors” (which we’ve screen captured just in case they take it down):

So, according to the Building a Better Ohio campaign, if […]

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