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After reading my live blog of the Kasich-PalinTaylor press conference today where I noticed ads by employers looking to hire Ohioans popped up every time one of them said jobs, a fan of the site sent me this even better screen capture:

I bet Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine clicked it to see if it applies to political marriages.

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Got some airport wifi in Sacramento, which is great timing, because I’ve been wanting to weigh in on the GOP’s new AWESOME statewide ticket.

As I understand it, some dude named Seth or something is now being floated across the wingnutosphere for auditor, thirty days before the filing deadline. ?SO damn AWESOME! ?I guess tomorrow we’re gonna have the SUPER jacked up AWESOME announcement that John Kasich is parroting John McCain to give Ohio yet another MOST FUCKING AWESOME Sarah Palin clone. ?WAY AWESOME!!

John Kasich is doing to the Ohio Republican Party with Mary Taylor what John McCain did […]

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I’ve independently confirmed what Joe Hallett has today – Mary Taylor is leaving the auditor’s race to run as John Kasich’s LG. ?What Hallett doesn’t report is that there is still no Republican candidate identified to run for auditor. ?Also, it does appear that Kevin DeWine is the driving force behind Taylor joining John Kasich’s ticket. ?And there is some bad blood at work here – Taylor and DeWine both despise former GOP chair Bob Bennett, there’s Alex Arshinkoff bad blood with Bob Bennett, and there are some grumblings that DeWine is forcing Taylor into the LG slot almost […]

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So back in March when John McCain secured the GOP nomination for President, Kevin DeWine stated the race would center around “the basics of what this party was built on: lower taxes, smaller government, fiscal discipline, moral character, and ethical conduct”:

Fast forward to October. The Republican candidate is down in the polls and Kevin’s message has changed quite a bit. Now it is all about how “the Democrats are trying to rig the election”:

Why is Kevin DeWine throwing the basics out the window? Why is he not talking about taxes or smaller government? Why is he […]

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