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In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama won Ohio by five-points.  Four years later, Ohioans are split on whether Obama deserves a second term with 46% approving and 47% disapproving.  However, when it comes to the lackluster ’12 GOP Presidential field, Obama leads front-runner Mitt Romney by four points.  Obama’s approval rating is 46% and his disapproval rating is 50%.  So, while Ohioans equally disapprove of the job both Obama and Kasich are doing, Obama’s approval rating towers over Kasich by a difference of eleven points.

Sherrod Brown has the highest approval rating among Kasich, Portman, and Obama.  With 49% approving and 30% disapproving.  […]

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This morning, Quinnipiac released its data on the Presidential and Senate races in Ohio. Quinnipiac finds that Ken Blackwell has a substantial lead among GOP primary voters over State Treasurer Josh Mandel and former State Senator (Disclosure: I sued him once) Kevin Coughlin.

Blackwell also polls the best against Sherrod Brown of the three GOP candidates tested. I don’t think Ken Blackwell began this year thinking about running for the U.S. Senate, but I bet he is now that yet another poll shows him as the prohibitive GOP frontrunner. (I’m not kidding.)

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Mandel vs. Coughlin vs. Blackwell.

This is already shaping up to be more brutal than the Brunner vs. Fisher primary ever really got.

“Kevin Coughlin, Josh Mandel, and Ken Blackwell are finding it’s much easier to take shots at each other than to explain their positions on dangerous schemes that undermine middle class Ohioans and dismantle Medicare,” said Ohio Democratic Party press secretary Justin Barasky. “Now D.C. Republicans are forced to look at Ohio and shake their heads as they find themselves with a slate of candidates engaging in an uncomfortable primary fight that they were hoping to […]

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Well, Kevin Coughlin’s campaign website has been updated.  It’s now saying Kevin Couglin, Office.

Is he looking to replace Michael Scott on “The Office?”  Because Will Ferrell already got that gig.

Nothing says, I’m totally excited about this race… whatever office I’m running for than [CANDIDATE NAME] [OFFICE].

I’m sure the recent update has nothing to do with his pimping of this blog post on the conservative website RedState pimping him as a potential challenger to Sherrod Brown next year.

Which, I’m sure, had nothing to do with the mysterious press release in which former Tea […]

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The Independent has died.? As many know, James Renner asked me to write for the Indy from Day One.? I always wanted to write for a local paper, and James is a good friend, so it was a no brainer.? But starting a local alt weekly in this environment, in Cleveland, with local advertisers used to paying Scene Magazine, well… was kind of a matter of time.

Scene Magazine, owned by Times Shamrock, which fired James Renner over a spat in which Kevin Coughlin threatened to sue them over James Renner’s reporting on the whereabouts of his penis inside […]

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Someone has a lot of sour grapes he needs to nurse.? Wahmbulance duly summoned.? I suppose there’s always teabagging in Coughlin’s future.? Given the civil war underway in the Ohio GOP right now, and the fact that he is already Ohio GOP roadkill lying on the median strip about twenty miles back, Kevin Coughlin might be the perfect set of full lips to parade all puckered up toward the various low hanging bulbous nutsacks in the Ohio blogosphere.? When it comes to Platonic forms of hypocrisy, Sonny Thomas ain’t got nothin’ on Coughlin.

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Redfern Did Nothing Wrong

On August 1, 2007 By

I really don’t understand all the fuss over Chris Redfern’s campaign spending. He did nothing wrong and, actually, it looks like he tried to do everything right- including declaring the expenses involving his wife on his latest campaign finance report.

The Toledo Blade and the Secretary of State seem to agree…

While living together in Columbus before marrying in March, Ohio Rep. Chris Redfern (D., Catawba Island) used campaign cash to pay rent to his then-fiancee.

?I?m damned if I do and damned if I don?t,? said Mr. Redfern, who doubles as chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party. He […]

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State Senator Kevin Coughlin (R-Cuyahoga Falls) doesn’t give up.

He’s always trying to privatize something i.e. give away OUR tax dollars to HIS big campaign contributors.

This time he’s using Special Education students as pawns in his plan to give away much-needed public school funds to his private-school-operating pals.

As we’ve mentioned here before, Kevin has received TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in campaign contributions from the owners of private school companies.

And he is doing his best to return the favor with his most recent attempt to expand the voucher […]

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After Strickland’s State of the State speech, ONN’s crack political reporters were on the scene at the State House to find out what people like State Senator Kevin Coughlin thought of the speech.

Not suprisingly, Mr. Coughlin hated the school voucher cut and the proposal to eliminate for-profit schools- what he calls the ‘proposal to eliminate school choice’.

He claims to be puzzled by the choice since most of the people who benefit from the vouchers are “inner city … african american families” aka: Strickland’s “own constituencies”. (what is he saying? Blacks only vote for Democrats?) Which, […]

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