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I’m going to give you a Madden playbook why John Kasich’s courtship of State Auditor Mary Taylor makes no sense for anyone but John Kasich.? But let’s start with the most obvious point: it is absolute insanity for the Republicans to risk the only Apportionment Board seat they held in 2006 by moving an incumbent who was on track for a relatively safe re-election so that she can run for the non-essentially (from both a political and governing sense) Lt. Governor slot.

It’s is amazingly insane.? Second, if it were a done deal, Kasich wouldn’t first float it through Jon […]

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A lot of people ask me why I support Jennifer Brunner for US Senate, the answer is simple. ?Courage. ?Brunner says what she’s going to do, then does it. ?She ran for Secretary of State saying she’d clean up our sad electoral processes, she did it. ?Brunner saw an opening for the US Senate, she’s going for it.

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly likely that when Brunner is our nominee, she will be the victim of a statewide Democratic ticket filled with a bunch of opportunistic cowards, backed by a bunch of opportunistic cowards, thus pathetic in the extreme because this state’s […]

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