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If the primary were help today, polling indicates that Ohio’s Republicans would choose Ken Blackwell as their candidate to run against Senator Sherod Brown in 2012 – by a surprisingly large margin.

It seems Ohio’s conservatives have a special place in their hearts for Ken’s unique brand of social conservative craziness which he let run wild during the 2006 race for Governor. Ken’s homophobia and misogyny won him the gubernatorial primary – and some big fans among “real” conservatives – but it made for some really bad general election sound bites (e.g. NAMBLA) and certainly contributed to his […]

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Four years ago, Ohio had a Governor with a 64% approval rating (and that was among Republicans, meaning that at this point in their respective term, Republicans pretty much approved of Ted Strickland’s performance as they do of Kasich’s.)  In fact, if you look at the recent PPP poll, Strickland’s performance with Republicans is actually better than Kasich’s approval rating within his own party is.

Gov. Strickland is absolutely correct that Sherrod Brown and Obama have benefitted politically from the extreme Kasich agenda as well as their support for the auto industry (which is while […]

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Yet another poll shows that Republicans strongly favor failed ‘06 Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell over current State Treasurer Josh Mandel.  PPP shows an even larger lead for Blackwell, who it says leads 49% to 16% in a three-way race between them and former State Senator Kevin Coughlin.

Hey, remember when Lt. Governor Mary Taylor was a rumored candidate for the U.S. Senate next year?  Just for fun, PPP included her in a hypothetical matchup with the first three and Congressman Jim Jordan, who was also strongly rumored to be a potential candidate.   How does Taylor do?

She comes […]

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Senator Sherrod Brown is up for reelection in 2012 and we found out today that Ken Blackwell has nearly a 2:1 polling advantage over his closest GOP rival to challenge Brown next year.

I thought I’d give you a quick preview of what we can expect if the Republicans decide to run Ken again…

Don’t listen to the detractors, Ken. Everyone at Plunderbund is rooting for you!

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This morning, Quinnipiac released its data on the Presidential and Senate races in Ohio. Quinnipiac finds that Ken Blackwell has a substantial lead among GOP primary voters over State Treasurer Josh Mandel and former State Senator (Disclosure: I sued him once) Kevin Coughlin.

Blackwell also polls the best against Sherrod Brown of the three GOP candidates tested. I don’t think Ken Blackwell began this year thinking about running for the U.S. Senate, but I bet he is now that yet another poll shows him as the prohibitive GOP frontrunner. (I’m not kidding.)

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Just because he called the bailout of GM “throwing good money after bad,” apparently, didn’t stop Governor Kasich from going up to Toledo to participate in GM’s announcement that it was adding 400 jobs there. I wonder if they served him crow for lunch?

Meanwhile, ODP takes the opportunity to attack… Ken Blackwell over his opposition to the GM bailout that the non-lawyer called potentially “illegal.” Being a Republican means never having to admit you were wrong.

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Mandel vs. Coughlin vs. Blackwell.

This is already shaping up to be more brutal than the Brunner vs. Fisher primary ever really got.

“Kevin Coughlin, Josh Mandel, and Ken Blackwell are finding it’s much easier to take shots at each other than to explain their positions on dangerous schemes that undermine middle class Ohioans and dismantle Medicare,” said Ohio Democratic Party press secretary Justin Barasky. “Now D.C. Republicans are forced to look at Ohio and shake their heads as they find themselves with a slate of candidates engaging in an uncomfortable primary fight that they were hoping to […]

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Today, Wentzel Strategies, a pollster that has a rather unproven track record in Ohio (although did predict that Gibbs was a formable opponent to Zach Space last year) shows a mixed bag for the ‘12 re-election prospects for Sherrod Brown.

In head-t0-head matchups against Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, State Treasurer Josh Mandel, and ‘06 GOP gubernatorial nominee/former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell,  Brown is easily ahead by a thirteen to fifteen point margin, depending on the GOP opponent.  Brown polls right at the magical 50% mark, while the GOP candidate polls in the mid thirties.

Wentzel further shows that […]

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How radioactive is SB 5?  It’s so radioactive that Josh Mandel feels more comfortable putting himself at the right of the Ohio Right-to-Life in endorsing HB 125, the so-called “heartbeat” abortion ban bill, even though he’s taken no public stand on SB 5.  Mandel has all but announced that he is the likely GOP candidate to take on Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat next year reveals as his first public policy as a candidate a bill so extreme on abortion that the Ohio Right to Life says they cannot endorse it because it is so patently unconstitutional.

This shows you what […]

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I admit that nothing would make me happier to see the headline next year: “Ken Blackwell to face Sherrod Brown in November.”  And I hate to be a wet blanket, but it isn’t going to happen unless Blackwell is the only decent candidate to run for the GOP nomination.

Ken Blackwell announcing a Senate bid isn’t likely to dissuade rivals from not running.  Quite the opposite.  Let’s review the problems Blackwell faces:

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Secretary of State Jon Husted recently issued a press release followed by an email to their list a couple of days later about a neat little “Ready 2012 and Beyond” proposal to – well, get ready for the GOP to do electoral battle against Obama and Democrats in 2012.  Duh.  The quoted part does seem like a dog whistle to their brethren who will get the message.  This isn’t about reforming the elections process to instill voter confidence and increase access.  The GOP has proven time and again that they really don’t care much for that.  This is a […]

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