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A week ago I attended a forum on the role of the county council in the new Cuyahoga County government, and I asked Judy Rawson, a self-proclaimed “framer” of the new county charter if there are any records of the discussions leading up to the drafting of the charter, specifically regarding the role of the county council.? Rawson answered, “There are no written records.”

I asked why.? Rawson said, “because we were all volunteers, and no one thought we were gonna succeed.”? I then ask who the “we” is when Rawson refers to “we” discussed this and that regarding the […]

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Henry Gomez writes a good roundup of the challenges facing the Cuyahoga County transition.? However, in his coverage of the February 17 meeting, Gomez missed one very important point – transition advisory group co-chair Martin Zanotti lied to a reporter during the meeting.

Zanotti watched from the sidelines at a public meeting for the government transition process held at CSU February 17. After several audience members lobbed softball questions at the group of Democrats in control of the meeting, I stepped to the mic and addressed Zanotti directly. I asked him to go on record to confirm or […]

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