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Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day celebration!  July 4th is a time to reflect on the founding of our country and is also a time to honor those who have fought to not only create it but defend it over the years.

The US Senate campaign in Ohio has seen its share of candidates touting military support.  The Sherrod Brown campaign is out with a new video that highlights the Senators unwavering support for veterans of our armed forces.  While Josh Mandel is doing the “noun, verb, Marines” routine, interjecting his service as an intelligence specialist in […]

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Better late than never, here are a few stories from the past couple days you may have missed…

In spirit of bipartisanship, Kasich administration fires Democrats
No explanation was given for the firing of two Democrats from the State Parole Board. Maybe a former OSU quarterback needed a job?

National media notice Governor’s recent change in tone
Talking Points Memo and Bloomberg both covered the ongoing tension between Ohio’s Governor wanting to talk about economic gains in the state and the Romney campaign who’d rather he didn’t.

Kasich got the Romney talking points
Kasich’s recent turn […]

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Here are some stories from over the weekend that you may have missed:

The “bipartisanship” bullshit tour continues
This has got to be up there among the most bogus justifications ever given:

Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich had been scheduled to lambaste President Obama in a telephone conference call with reporters, but he canceled because it would have undermined the tone he had set earlier in the day in a speech to the state Senate on bipartisanship.

Paired with Kasich’s notable absence from Romney’s bus tour around Ohio this weekend, perhaps the distance between the two has […]

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Kasich to sign fracking oversight legislation
As Kasich prepares to sign SB315, which offers no new tools to local governments dealing with the effects of fracking, the Plain Dealer shares the experience of Broadview Heights, where urban oil and gas drilling has impacted the community and residents have few options to fight back.

Obama to return to Ohio Tuesday
Gosh, what a coincidence that the Dispatch would give the Governor prime real estate in Saturday and Sunday’s editions to attack the President twice this weekend […]

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34 resumes have vanished into thin air and no one knows where they went. Josh Mandel’s Treasurers office is now reporting that the office cannot locate the resumes of 34 political cronies and friends that Mandel hired to fill positions after winning election in 2010. These resumes are the Area 51 of this entire circus – we assume that they existed at one point but now we are told that if they do exist the Treasurer’s office says they do not have the slightest clue where they are so stop asking us and go away.

Now that […]

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I know this is going to come as a shocker to some of you but it seems that Josh Mandel might be hiding something from the public. Right, I know. You never saw that coming.

According to information released by the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) multiple public records requests, relating to resumes of 34 staffers, have gone unanswered by the Treasurer’s office since April of 2011.

Recently, reports have surfaced that Mandel has a slight cronyism problem on his hands. Mandel hired numerous campaign staffers to fill high-level positions directly after taking office. Many of these staffers […]

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Josh Mandel hired inexperienced campaign staff to fill multiple positions in the Treasurer’s office after defeating Kevin Boyce in 2010. In a brazen display of cronyism, former campaign staffers, donors, and even interns were picked to fill high-ranking positions throughout the Treasurer’s office, many of whom have already left to join Mandel’s Senate campaign.

This weekend, the Dayton Daily News released a report examining the cronyism in the Treasurer’s office by reviewing personnel files and other records from Mandel’s office. The report found that, as Treasurer, Mandel hired young and inexperienced staff from his campaign to fill multiple positions […]

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Tomorrow the Ohio Board of Deposits is holding its monthly meeting in Columbus and if the past 13 months are any evidence you should probably not bet on Ohio’s absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel attending. Since being elected as Ohio’s Treasurer, Mandel has attended exactly zero board meetings. He seems to care so little for this portion of the job that, according to The Toledo Blade, Mandel didn’t attend the meeting in January because of a $500 a plate fundraiser he was holding in D.C. for his Senate campaign.

Granted, the Board of Deposits meetings are not the most riveting […]

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Where’s Flat Josh? The Winners

On February 16, 2012 By

We’re late recognizing the great submissions we got in our Where’s Josh/Flat Josh contest.  We had a great deal of fun and appreciate everyone who submitted one!  Each person will be getting a PB bumper sticker.  We’ll be in touch on that.

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Our baby face Treasure Josh Mandel is at it again. According to recent reports Mandel refused to speak at the Akron Press Club any time over a seven month period because his campaign said he was “too busy”. Which if you think about it, taking seven months to decline an invitation to speak about his campaign is almost exactly how long it took him to file his campaign finance forms – maybe that’s what they mean by “too busy”.

According to the Plain Dealer, the Akron Press Club is a non-partisan form that political leaders are invited to attend […]

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Man, it is crazy out there, am I right? I mean if it isn’t Issue 2 supporters making up facts, its Granny-gate, or the Supreme Court ruling in favor of allowing the redistricting maps to go to referendum. Remember when they said this was going to be an off-year election and things were going to slow down?

In all the action over the course of the last couple of weeks an important piece of news has gone somewhat under-covered. Guess who was the only Senator to successfully have a bipartisan piece of legislation pass the Senate that is […]

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