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In August 21, 2009, the Columbus Dispatch reported that the Strickland Administration had balanced the State’s budget by “raiding” what are called “rotary” funds that provide assistance for the blind and organ transplants.  Buried in the story was that the State budget contained statutory authorization to allow such transfers.  Omitted entirely until later coverage was the fact that this was a very common practice that prior Administrations had done with no controversy.

Of course, the anti-Strickland right pounced and none more quickly than Jon Keeling at Third Base Politics.  Keeling, who eventually was quietly put on the Ohio […]

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One of the resumes we were interested in seeing with the Kasich’s Administration would be Third Base Politics’ Jon Keeling—the one-man blogging machine for the Kasich campaign and select Republican candidates.  But first, let’s do a little flashback to remind people just how pathetic Jon Keeling’s willingness to whore out his reputation to help the Ohio Republican Party really is.

Back in July 2009, Eric and the rest of us noticed a new player on the conservative blogsphere calling himself “DJ Tablesauce.”  Eric noticed that the guy seemed to be particularly interested in the potential gubernatorial campaign of John […]

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Now that small government conservative Republicanism has returned to Ohio, what better way to celebrate than, you know, take a job in state government!  And we all have our favorite lifelong suckling of the government teat, homeland security consultant and former Kasich staffer Jon Keeling.  Word on the street is that returning to Ohio to clamp his lips onto the Ohio taxpayer’s flacid nipple is so important to Keeling, he’s already made this picture the screen saver on his government paid for cell phone.

So we’re taking nominations for the inevitable landing of Jon Keeling into Ohio state […]

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The day after the election I was perusing Twitter in a “hate to look” sort of way when I saw something about a mob scene or some such down at ODP. Complete with Twitpics of lots of people in front of the old ODP offices (now Franklin County Dems). The right was losing their minds claiming ODP wasn’t paying canvassers and a riot was about to break out.

Of course our buddy DJWorcestershire was all over the case tweeting this and that about how the GOP didn’t pay canvassers and telling the media to get down there […]

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In other news, former Kasich staffer, homeland security consultant, and lifelong suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling, will still be that tomorrow.

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…former Kasich staffer, Carpetblogging homeland security consultant, and lifelong suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling, who was seen among the Republican thug contingent at the Teamsters hall in Columbus, which apparently thought it was funny to make a bunch of noise about sex and drugs while Bill Clinton was speaking.  Mature!  BSB blogger Nick D is in the foreground on the case, observing Keeling’s maturity.

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When your candidate goes from a presumed double digit lead to a dead heat the week before the election, the pollster probably has some explaining to do.  Word on the street is that chief pollster Ed Goeas has been in a running battle with Kasich staff to stop reading the blogs.  Former Kasich staffer, homeland security consultant, and lifelong suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling hasn’t been helping.

Kasich staff hit refresh on Keeling’s sycophantic Kasich slurping blog all day long, waiting for the latest end zone victory dance telling them they’re gonna win, yay.  But […]

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One of the cool things about living in Cleveland during an election cycle is that you get to see every ad for statewide candidates that anyone ever runs.  People poo-poo on Cuyahoga centric thinking among Ohio Dems, which is fair, but just turn on the TV in prime time and that’ll tell you how important this nook of Ohio is to candidates.  Kasich and Ted are throwing haymakers on the air.  Likely the most competitive gubernatorial ad war since 1998 (we all know who lost that one, don’t we).

I don’t see a problem with any of the ads except […]

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Congratulations, Matt Naugle, you just made Talking Points Memo!

Meanwhile, over in the WV-Sen race, another acting scandal is brewing over what an ad consultant wrote in a casting call for a Republican ad in that State.  Again, we go to TPM:

The ad featured three blue-collar guys at a diner, talking about how the only way to stop President Obama was to vote against Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin in the race for Senate. It appears that the ad was shot in Philadelphia, not in West Virginia, and sought out that key "hicky" actor type, in […]

Full Story...’s graphs can be misleading.  See, when you use the default setting, it doesn’t show changes in the race because it plots an average point over the entire race.  However, polling picks up as an election approaches and, not surprising, early polling data is pretty darn useless at that point.

Here’s what’s default chart shows in the Governor’s race:

Wow, it looks like Kasich continues to build on his lead and Strickand’s support is flat?   The Carpetblogger likes to use this graph all the time lately.  However, even he has admitted that the race has tightened.  So […]

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Last month, John Kasich admitted that he believes his “No New Tax” pledge he signed with the Americans for Tax Reform does not include eliminating tax expenditures (targeted tax breaks) despite the ATR’s public statement that it does.

Today, during his campaign press conference, Kasich was asked after countless other Republicans campaigned on such pledges only to break it, why should voters trust him.  He gave a two minute angry answer about how he was different from every one of those Republicans.  Kasich angrily rejected the notion that he was like those other pledge breakers.

And then he […]

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